Nitaai Kumar

Guided Nitaai Meditation Lead Coach at Antistress Foundation 501c3
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Nitaai Kumar is the Guided Nitaai Meditation, Nitaai Breathing, and Nitaai Singing Lead Coach at Antistress Foundation (501c3). He has over 30 years experience in Sound Healing. He is an MSc IIT Gold medalist and a DSoT in Sound Therapy. Contact:

He changed his legal name to Nitaai Kumar from Dhruv Kumar as Nitaai Meditation changed his life. He also records public videos in other genres with other pen names but he very strictly keeps those genres completely separate from his totally secular sharing of Nitaai Meditation on behalf of the Antistress Foundation.

Nitaai Meditation is a totally secular non-religious health-only practice. It does not introduce any rules or beliefs. Nor does it try to change the lifestyle you want to live. It only helps you in achieving your dreams.

ni = nisarga (sanskrit) = nature / nitui (bloom in latin) / mindfulness. taa = taadaatmya = harmony / taactus (feel) / peace. i = indriya = senses / ingenium (touch) / bliss and love.