Extract multiple audio tracks?

Id like to edit a video made on another computer with my Screenflow 6.2.3. This video has 2 audio tracks. When I read the video with VLC, I can see both audio tracks to chose to play one or the other, so file is good. 

When i import the file in screenflow, audio is treated as one unique audio track. Is there a way to separate both audio tracks? (Right-click->extract audio option is empty even after audio detach). 


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  • Rodolphe Nenert said:
    (Right-click->extract audio option is empty even after audio detach). 

     Extract Audio should work. Can you link to the file so I can test on my system?

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  • Detach audio works. My issue is that there are two audio tracks in the file but screenflow treat them as one.

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  • Still no idea? :)

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  • Rodolphe Nenert Directly underneath detach you the extract.


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  • Rodolphe Nenert Please do watch our tutorials

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  • Rodolphe Nenert
    There's a tutorial on Right Click Clip Menu which mentions it for example.

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  • CraigS Alright, obviously my first message was not clear. Ive been using Screenflow for a while now, I know all about the right click. Im going to quote myself from my first message: "Right-click->extract audio option is empty". Meaning I dont see "channel 1" or "channel 2" or anything named "channel X". When I import my video into screenflow, it just adds the two audio channels and treat them as one.

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  • Rodolphe Nenert Perhaps there's something about the source ScreenFlow isn't interpreting as two channels. If you link to the source file you imported I'll have a look at it.

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  • Rodolphe Nenert

    ScreenFlow currently has a problem extracting audio channels from audio files that have more than 1 track. I've added your feedback to the issue documented in our database, internal reference # FLOW-6096. 

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  • Rory Maloney Thanks!

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