AKAI APC40 mkII Discussion

This is to discuss the AKAI APC40 mkII controller.

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  • While I have the controller - the current functionality means I cannot really use it. Wirecast crashes multiple times per day if I have the midi controller active while editing shots. I've reset the preferences as suggested by your support team. But still not really useful.

    One other show stopper for me is the "random" allocation of audio to the faders. Every time you launch a shot, the fader allocations all play musical chairs and any of your existing fader settings are meaningless.

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  • Greg Kuhnert

    Thank you for the feedback. We have already been looking at the musical faders issue, which we were aware of when we released it as a technical preview, which is also a first.


    I am curious if you can provide short repro steps for a consistent crash with that controller.


    I have only seen one, and it was a quite odd case, in which a phantom NDI source on the network locked up the controller some how when switched to it after it disappeared. Tried to repro, and never saw it happen again.


    Have you sent in a support log to support or just inquired as how to resolve? Logs and a case number would be helpful. A few of your reports have made it through triage, but I have not seen this one.

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  • Hi Bryce.

    I wish I could give you more. It is unpredictable most of the time, but really frustrating. I have indeed sent in a number of crash logs. The case is currently owned by CraigS  - case number 00529848

    As you've seen with my other reports, I do like to give you enough data to reproduce - and even include how to reproduce videos - but this one is elusive. I'll try to document it more - but would appreciate your first reactions to the crash dump in the above ticket.

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  • Actually Bryce. I have a question. As I am editing shots, I often get to a point where the AKAI is unresponsive... and later, Wirecast will crash on exit. My question - Before exiting wirecast, are there any debug or diagnostic details you require to help find this? I can replicate this - i just don't know which specific thing I am doing that causes the problem.


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  • Greg Kuhnert You support logs have crash details in them, just needs to get looked at by engineer.

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  • Hi,...i am a new user here. I was pumped to see the APC40 MKII coming out. Ditching the power cable was enough to warrant the upgrade. When it arrived in August I had a few days to get it ready for a wedding I was doing that weekend. I ported everything over and took advantage of the RGB buttons to add some more fun to the template. Life was even better because now I had a newer control surface to run my software with. By now I felt confident in what I was doing to provide my template as a product for sale. I recorded a demo video and posted it online with contact information to get at me.

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  • Hello! First off thank all of you for taking the time to put information like this out on the web.

    Now for my problem. I hooked up my AKAI APC40 MK!! and all the pads light up accordingly. There are 4 cameras in the camera layer and 5 total lights show up (1 for the clear layer).

    However when I click anything on the controller itself nothing happens. I feel like I am probably missing some thing suuuuuuper simple. However I cannot figure it out. I am also using the newest version of Wirecast 8.3 I think. 

    Please advise. 



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  • Mychael Clack said:
    I am also using the newest version of Wirecast 8.3 I think. 

     Please confirm that. Since it seems to be working for others you may want to try something simple like rebooting the computer. Also you may want to test in a New Document.

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  • CraigS - This is one of the current symptoms. Randomly after doing edits in a document, it locks up and the controller becomes unresponsive. Later, there will be a crash.

    And for the record, I can say I have reset preferences and started with a new document. Same result. Still broken here.

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  • Greg Kuhnert Does rebooting the computer help? Not that that would be a viable fix but it might indicate something.

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  • CraigS reboot will fix for a time, but it will fail again if you do any serious shot editing.  If you are using an existing document making no changes, it won’t crash. 

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  • Greg Kuhnert Thanks. So it's failing over time. That'll help us troubleshoot this.

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