Wirecast CRASHES Every Time I Queue A Playlist With a Video In It

Hello, I have an introduction playlist of two videos and a blank shot.  I also have another playlist containing a video and a blank shot. Anytime I just click on one of these playlists, wirecast freezes and starts not responding. I don't even put them live, I just click them to PREVIEW them and WIRECAST FREEZES INSTANTLY. This is extremely disrupting for my stream and has completely screwed up my Facebook live stream.

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  • Windows 10
    Intel i5-8600K

    EVGA GTX 1070 8GB Superclocked

    Latest Version of Wirecast (10 something I believe)

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  • Bradley Harker Please confirm you are Wirecast 10.1.
    First create a New Document and recreate one of the playlists in the new document and test.

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  • On 10.1. It only crashes during a stream. Tried with new document. Streaming to Facebook and YouTube (RTMP).

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  • Bradley Harker Try reseting preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences. Then using a New Document and test with just a webcam as source. I want to make sure stream to either Facebook or YouTube (not both) just to make sure streaming itself isn't an issue. Please include encoder preset used.

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  • CraigS So it seems to have worked for this stream. I completely recreated the file instead of modifying the previous weeks's file. I'll keep you updated for next week.

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  • CraigS Never mind. It crashed towards the very end of our stream. Reset my preferences after we stopped streaming. It continued streaming while Wirecast was not responding so I just waited for the end of our service and then force quit it to stop the stream.

    Streaming to YouTube (RTMP) and Facebook Live

    Facebook Encoding (One of the default choices):

    Facebook: 1080p30 (4Mbps) NVIDIA NVENC H.264

    YouTube Encoding (Custom):

    YouTube 1080p60 (10 Mpbs) NVIDIA NVENC H.264

    Video -

    Encoder: NVidia H.264

    Width: 1920

    Height: 1080

    FPS: 60

    Avg. bit rate: 10000kbits/sec

    Quality: High (Slower)

    Profile: Main

    Key Frame every: 120 frames

    Timecode every: 30 frames (Not Checked)

    Strict Constant Bitrate: Not Checked

    Keyframe Aligned: Not Checked

    Audio -

    Channels: Stereo

    Target bit rate: 128kbits/sec

    Sample rate: 48.000 kHz

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  • Bradley Harker 
    I see a couple of potential challenges with your settings.
    You're using both 30p and 60p encoders. That might be a problem.
    That you're using NVENC on both may further exacerbate the problem.
    You don't mention your Wirecast Preferences Video Display Rate but it can be either 30 or 60 but not both. 

    First you should create a New Document ( to ensure it doesn't carry over the issue) and use only 30p encoder, making sure Wirecast Video Display Rate is set to 30p and test.

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  • hi Bradley Harker hi Craigs! 

    i have exactly the same problem streaming to YT.

    when i clic over a playlist! the soft crash!. i changed setup, changed hardware, i changed evertihing but i cant found a solution to this.


    i tested with playlist with videos in mp4 and i tested with playlist of a video replays.  In both the soft tilt.  But only the soft, the computer work perfect.  Any ideA?


    i7 16 gb de RAM. Solid Disk. Mother Asus.

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  • Nico NabhenCraigS

    A friend of mine has the same issue. He gets ready to start his show - and a few moments in, Wirecast crashes. This happened again this weekend - Click the link to see the train wreck in slow motion :)

    Its almost a weekly occurrence now - so much so that before the show starts, regulars are asking before the show "Will it crash this week?"

    One point to note. This show is done with windows. I am on Mac. I don't have this particular issue on Mac as far as I know. The weird thing about this crash is that the thread that is sending the audio and video to air continues - but the main thread is crashed. Ken has reported this to support complete with support info dump's.

    What makes this week's crash all the more visible was the fact that he accidentally had his mic open, and expressed his "frustration" and let rip with a bit of cursing. 

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  • Nico Nabhen said:
    when i clic over a playlist! the soft crash!. i changed setup, changed hardware, i changed evertihing but i cant found a solution to this.

     It's very hard to troubleshoot general statements other than to say it's not likely hardware related. 

    Please describe in a way someone could make a matching setup with matching files. Perhaps one of the files is the cause.

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  • CraigS hi ! thank for you response!  Sorry for my english.

    I have a new computer since 1 month.

    This is my problem.

    When i clic over a playlist, wirecast crash.

    The most important topic is this situation.  If i clic over a replay video widhout playlist. the soft work perfect. 


    If i move, for example, 10 video replay to a playlist to show all videos in live broadcast, when i clic over playlist, the soft crash.

    Somenthing relating with video codec? something related with my solid HDD?

    What do you think?

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  • Nico Nabhen have you updated to Wirecast 10.1? Please confirm that in your next post.

    After update, create a new document and try moving a Replay in a Playlist and see if that works. 

    Try creating a Playlist without Replay shots and see how that works.

    Try those first and I'll have more things for you to try.

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  • Just updated to Wirecast 11.0.0 and I can confirm this issue carries over. I have reset gone through all of the steps previously mentioned, but to no resolve. I save my templates in a folder linked with Dropbox, could this be an issue? Hadn't thought to mention that before, but there could possibly be a conflict with the way Dropbox monitors files. Submitted support files under the case no. 00615780.

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  • Bradley Harker said:
    I save my templates in a folder linked with Dropbox, could this be an issue?

     It's possible. Can you try reseting preferences, rebuilding playlist in a new document with no elements linked to dropbox?

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