Wirecast CRASHES Every Time I Queue A Playlist With a Video In It

Hello, I have an introduction playlist of two videos and a blank shot.  I also have another playlist containing a video and a blank shot. Anytime I just click on one of these playlists, wirecast freezes and starts not responding. I don't even put them live, I just click them to PREVIEW them and WIRECAST FREEZES INSTANTLY. This is extremely disrupting for my stream and has completely screwed up my Facebook live stream.

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  • CraigS I sent everything I could to whomever needed it. 

    My question is: if the playlist has become corrupted, why can't the playlist duplicate the problem? I also deleted the playlist and created a new one and it popped up. If there was a file in it corrupted, why does it play just fine in every other system I test them AND when I run several full-on test runs?

    The corruption thought was one of my first theories, but I can't duplicate the problem making that theory less real in my book.

  • Dave McHugh Sometimes issue are "one off" not repeatable. Those are harder to troubleshoot. If it happens more than once then a pattern can emerge. 

  • Craig - it isn't a one-off. I've had at least ten shows get ruined because of this problem. I might be under-estimating that number. I just can't duplicate the problem when I am not in "show mode." I run it all the same, but something is happening when the show is actually live - whether it's a long delay between changing things (during an interview when I don't change layers for 15 minutes sometimes) ... or it's the fact that a playlist for the guest (with graphic changes) then causes an issue - even though i stop that guest playlist well before clicking on the commercial break playlist ... or it's because I clicked slightly too fast when changing all the layers (deactivating the in-show to set up the commercial break) ... I cannot figure it out. I just know that when I go to run the second break of the show - it goes sideways. Some how in December I got through a handful of shows with no problems, but then had NUMEROUS freezes the next few shows. Thought things were fine in January when I got through the first show ... only to have the next two or three go sideways MULTIPLE times. I got through the last show, but only because I was paranoid. But again .. when i do full tests at other times, I can NEVER get it to duplicate itself.

  • Dave McHugh said:
    Craig - it isn't a one-off. I've had at least ten shows get ruined because of this problem.

     With your case number send us the crash logs each time. A pattern will emerge.

    Dave McHugh said:
    something is happening when the show is actually live

     Even this information is important. It may indicate some processes in use that aren't otherwise when you're not actually live.

    Troubleshooting often involves pattern matching. 

    All your observations are very important to us. With the case number, you can always send us email updates with information like this.

  • I have been sending updates. It froze on me again tonight. I had gotten into a habit of not having anything in the preview when I wasn't going to change things for awhile. I also would occasionally click on a playlist (holding my damn breathe each time) occasionally to make sure things were okay. I went to do that one time near the end of the show - and lead with the most problematic playlist and low-and-behold it froze.

    It was near the end of the show, for a change, so I left things alone and while it was frozen - I could tell I was still streaming ... so I kept going. I wasn't able to run a final break and people had to see me stuck on a graphical element completely unrelated until I finished the show ... but better than killing the stream.

    Per trying to re-create the scenario - usually when I test I actually have more things running in the background (like Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Cloud, etc.) both because I don't think to turn them off AND having more going on may make it more likely to cause a problem. I can then eliminate them if necessary. When I run the show, I am running things as stripped down as I can - shutting down a number of background programs to keep RAM and CPU resources available as possible.

    And I am not sure what logs you want. The program freezes, I have to force it to close down, and then I restart. The PC keeps performing, but the program does not. Not sure what logs you need or how I will find them.

  • Dave McHugh this is exactly what happens to me! Holding my breath every time! Usually I can quit wirecast, reopen it, hit stream again, and YouTube and Facebook are smart enough to continue the stream. This is extremely weird. 

  • For best stability I'd recommend having a separate admin user account specifically for Wirecast. Things can be kept disabled in that account. Only enable things specific to the stream at hand. If the issue happens again it's a lot easier to determine what is or isn't the cause. Any number of other programs or background tasks might be a factor. Since there are many other users not experiencing this it may be some kind of combination of config and tasks running.

  • Okay, I added a brand new Admin account and changed nothing. Going to run a test next week as I cannot duplicate the problem outside of our normal streaming. The only other program I'm running is Google Chrome to monitor my YouTube Live Dashboard and Facebook Stream. If there are specific things I should disable, let me know.

  • I'll try and create another Admin account sometime soon - not sure I can get that accomplished ahead of tonight's show ... but it would also save me the time from having to shutdown aspects I don't want running in the first place.

  • Bradley Harker said:
    he only other program I'm running is Google Chrome to monitor my YouTube Live Dashboard and Facebook Stream.

     That might be the variable. I've found running a browser viewing video can have an impact on resources. I can't say for sure but I've found much better performance (and perhaps stability) when I use another computer for "dashboard" functions. I realize that's not always possible or convenient but I thought I'd mention it.

    For testing I often create a private channel on Facebook and Youtube for running such tests. That allows you to test a live circumstances without public impact.

  • I've been following this thread and the things described are also happening to us! No real solutions have been found and it's very frustrating. We stream sports nearly every night and on about the third qtr when we click on our commercial playlist for the break... IT CRASHES. VERY FRUSTRATING! It seems to me that with all the people having the same issue they would be able to find a pattern. For now we are limping it along saving after every change to be able to recover. Even after a good recovery we lose our replays and replay playlists... I mean they say they are there but they are black so actually they've lost their path... 

  • Todd Elvig Please go to Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information and create a ticket and have the system send us the information. Please do this immediately after the crash. The crash log will give us an indication of the cause. Please make sure you're on Wirecast 11.1.

    With an issue like this, you should notify us immediately. The only way we can fix something is by getting the technical information on the crash and what you were doing and the file types being used.

  • CraigS  Hi Craig - I entered a new question yesterday on a new thread but this topic has occurred to us as we are adapting to corona.  We need to insert more prerecorded videos into our service and as I was trying to practice doing this, our Windows 10 did crash and I had to restart.  We haven't used it yet live and if this issue hasn't been solved, we won't try. Has this basic question been answered?

  • Don Doss This specific issue has probably been fixed. Different issues can have similar symptoms. We've made many changes to our playback engine since Wirecast 11. Continue on the other thread.

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