After upgrading to Wirecast 13 (from 12.2.1), sources flash black during a smooth transition

Having a strange issue that seems to be related to version 13. Our church recently upgraded to version 13, and now the smooth transition seems to fade to black on camera sources. We created a blank document from scratch, and it does the same thing. Help? 

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  • Sorry guys, it's actually happening on all transitions, but you see it the most with the smooth transition. 

  • Ok I seemed to have narrowed it down to an audio card issue. As soon as I change the audio source, transitions work fine. 

  • Mike Competillo  Interesting. Please tell us about the audio card. Are you using audio in the transitions? 

  • I just tried this fix also,   i disabled audio on my shots  and it fixed all transition issues i was having.   Im a late upgrade from 7 to 13 just today,   i was panicking until i saw this thread.    Please send any updates, would be much appreciated,   i need my audio on the shots right?

  • Thomas Chenoweth I was told in an email from their support team, that a fix is in the works and should be out soon. 

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  • Working on the fix as quickly as possible. Sorry about that.

  • We have a similar issue, where when upgrading to 13 smooth doesn't appear to be smooth. IT works more like cut or has black then flashes with source. 

  • MT Please test 13.1 Beta. We're working on fixing these.

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