24-bit wave or flac audio export in video

I am ScreenFlow customer with 2 full licenses. I have Final Cut Pro X also but I prefer to use ScreenFlow as my video editor as it is so easy and fast to use and one feels like home while using it. I am facing a huge problem though.

I record my audio separately for my videos at 32-bit 96Khz wave pure sound and sync it in Screenflow with the video. But while exporting there is no option to export it at least with 24-bit 48KHz audio in the video like Final Cut Pro X or Compresser have. There is only an option to export it in the lossy 320kbps format

As we all know Youtube compresses the audio to 128kbps even for 1080p. And Instagram and Youtube compress it even more to 64kbps audio. So Youtube will give a much better quality audio after this huge compression if I upload the video with the uncompressed 24-bit wave or flac audio. I am not assuming this but Google itself confirms this at the below url by stating this:


Bit depth 24-bit recommended, 16-bit acceptable
Although it is not recommended, YouTube accepts compressed audio. YouTube transcodes from the delivered format; audio quality is much better when transcoded from a lossless format compared to re-compressing a lossy audio format.

I know I can export a Prores from ScreenFlow and then encode it in Compresser with 24-bit wave audio but it takes a lot of time for this. It will save so much time if I can do this final export from ScreenFlow itself and use the much superior x264 video compression of ScreenFlow than the normal H264 of Compressor. I don't mind even if ScreenFlow gives an additional normal H264 video export option if the 24-bit wave audio can muxed with it. I don't know if this is a x264 limitation or what because even Handbrake does not give me this 24-bit wav audio export option in video compression.

This will greatly enhance the audio quality of our youtube videos as we all know how many artifacts get introduced in 128kbps or 64 kbps aac audio if it re-encoded from an already lossy 320kbps aac format. And if this is absolutely not possible to do, then please at least give 768kbps aac export at least as a compromise.

So please please add support 24-bit wave audio export in our videos.

Looking forward to your kind reply,
Nitaai Kumar.

PS. All ScreenFlow users who think this will improve their youtube video quality, please vote for this basic but critical feature request so that they will take it seriously.

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  • Do fill out the Feature Request Form so we can give you a case number and we'll see how many other audio discerning users add their support to the request.

  • Thanks CraigS . I have submitted the Feature Request Form and got the Telestream Case number as #00670508. Irrespective of how many vote for this feature, I hope you add this basic feature in ScreenFlow 9 please. Don't you think it is a very basic feature which will universally benefit every single ScreenFlow user who shares his or her videos on Youtube, etc.? Plus, those who still want to keep on using the 320kbps aac quality can keep on doing so. The internet speeds are increasing all over the world so uploading a video with 24-bit uncompressed wave will not take so much more time than uploading a video with 320kbps aac audio imo. Anyway we use tens of time more bitrate for the video so using a little more for the audio will not increase the upload time that much.

  • Nitaai Kumar said:
    Don't you think it is a very basic feature which will universally benefit every single ScreenFlow user who shares his or her videos on Youtube, etc.?

     That's why we need to see user interest. There are many feature request and the developers prioritize by user interest and effort needed to implement. 

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