Options for Corporate AV setups

We're a corporate AV events producer, and love Wirecast as a streaming solution. We've even used it multiple times as a separate background live source switcher, for backdrop projection, video walls, etc.  due to it's layering capabilities.

We are using Wirecast Studio 9, a 15" MacBook Pro (latest, highest specs), and various black magic input devices (Intensity, Hyperdeck Studio, etc)

That being said there are a couple of features I think would be extremely helpful:

1>Mono Audio as source.  Often time our audio capture device (Focusrite, other) will not be able to sum a one channel mono source.  It's odd that this can't be done in Wirecast.  Most corporate type events utilize mono audio, it would be great to quickly select "dual mono" under options for an audio source.


2> Template Layer.  It would be fantastic to be able to setup a template in, say Master Layer 1 that then references other layers.  So when setting up a side by side, split screen, or pip shot, the A-B sources in the template would refer to what is actively selected in the layer.  This would make changing sources but keeping a shot layout VERY simple, and is actually the way most production live switchers work.

Often we will have to do side by side with a live camera shot and then a powerpoint which has been converted to jpgs, or content videos, etc.

It seems that when using media files we have to set up a shot (copy and paste shot, change source) for every single layout involving different sources (i.e. Shot 1 is Camera + Media File A, Shot 2 is Camera + Media File B, etc) as opposed to Master Layer 1 as a template that references Layer 2 (camera, other sources) and layer 3 (all the media files)

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  • Interesting requests. Do fill out the Feature Request Form and include those details (you can cut and paste of course) as the details about your workflow will certainly help the developers understand the need.

    Make the two request separately as it makes it easier/faster for us to log them and we can get you a separate case number for each.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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