Launch a shot at a specific time

Does anyone know of a way that I can launch a shot based on a clock time?  I am trying to automate a show as much as possible.  Anyone?

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  • Do you mean launch a shot based on your computer clock?
    Or do you mean at a specific time during a stream such as 15 minutes after the stream starts?

    Please describe a specific use case.

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  • I guess it could be either. At 20 minutes after the hour I want a shot to run.   Same with other times during the show 

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  • Sean Loughry Thanks for that. I know there's some interesting in some kind of shot scheduling. Please do fill out the form and make the feature request. Please do include a real world use case describing how you'd use it. These description help the developers understand when they consider implementation.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • One way it could be done (because I’ve done it):

    Configure an upper layer playlist based on the time “in the show”.  In this case 1 hour.

    Within it configure an upper layer with a timed clear shot up until the time for your desired shot. 

    Then add next your shot. 

    Add another timed clear for the remainder of the hour or show. 

    This can be done to insert “hard commercial breaks” in your show or key slides in your presentation at a certain point to keep things moving along.  Also can be done over prerecorded video to add spice to it. Good Luck. 

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  • Kit Kinchen Interesting workflow tip.

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