Rendezvous guest audio - iPhone X

Hi all.

On an iPhone X, when testing - the audio from Wirecast only comes out the speaker at a volume level that would be useful if you have your phone to your ear. I think it is missing the ability to send the audio to the speaker port? I looked in the app, and I cannot find any configuration options to change this.

Yes, I can provide headphones to my remote guest - but it it is not 100% intuitive.


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  • Audio from Wirecast? Go has several functions such as direct live streaming, use as camera in Wirecast, use in Rendezvous so please do elaborate. Speaker "port" on iPhoneX? Built in Speaker? If the phone volume is turned up all the way perhaps that's all it can do short of headphones as you mention.

  • Hi CraigS

    Picture this.

    Top of iPhone has a small speaker for when you are using it as a phone. At the bottom of it are two speakers that are designed for listening to music (think hands free). When using Wirecast GO on iPhone X without headphones, audio only comes from the small phone speaker. To hear it, you need to put the device to your ear, which kind of defeats the intended purpose of a video / audio feed unless you are doing a show about the inside of your guest's ear :)

    Not a big issue for me now - since my guests use headphones... but would be a problem for some users.


  • Greg Kuhnert have you tried Lightning to Headphone adaptor? I assume those are the headphones you're referring to.

    It's possible the speakers used for music are limited by iOS. Perhaps otherwise Apple would use them when using it as a phone.

  • CraigS  - I can plugin headphones. Thats not a problem. I want to run without headphones. If I compare to say Skype on an iPhone, you have to press a button to activate the speakers instead of the "phone" speaker. Wirecast GO does not have a button to do that. 

    If it defaulted to the louder speakers, or had a button - this would work fine...


  • Greg Kuhnert Submit that and note the Skype iOS example since that would show Apple hasn't limited that in iOS.


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