PTZ Optics camera via IP Connect, 1 second delay

Hi everyone,

we purchased a PTZ Optics Gen2 SDI card via pure IP (remote control, adding to latest Wirecast 9.0.1 via RTSP).

But the video has an delay of about 1 second, also when viewing e.g. directly via VLC player. Although when we view the video via ONVIF device manager the video is in realtime.


Is that an normal experience and how to deal with it?


Thanks for any feedback,


Windows 10 x64, 1709
Wirecast preference settings reset to default
1 GBit/s network, no tcp/ip errors

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  • There can be some latency but that seems significant. Please do report this and we'll see if this is norma or otherwise something we can improve upon.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • CraigS Thanks, we opened a ticket. Its hardware independent and unfortunately the trial version of vMix has only a delay of about 300ms. Hopefully the support can clarify why Wirecast adds that delay.

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  • Thomas Kofler Do send us your comparison to vMix on the issue. The developers need to know this.

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  • CraigS Did it, including a comparison video between vmix and Wirecast delay. I will report back.

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  • Thomas Kofler Thanks for doing that.

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  • I can report identical latency issues with my IP camera over RTSP vs ONVIF device manager. Would love to contribute to a solution.

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  • Matthew F. Reyes Absolutely fill out the previously posted support form and include the details such as camera RTSP vs ONVIF and the amount of latency you're seeing. Please test in Wirecast 10.

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  • We reported the issue via ticket and didn't get any feedback now for 3 months if anything will change. In the meantime we switched to vMix and they have a special mode to support the Brio with 4K without any delay and it works fine.

    Thanks CraigS for his patient support.

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  • Thomas Kofler Since you have a case number respond with that asking for a status update and include the fact that you're using vMix without issue. That can light a fire. Post you case number here as well and I'll investigate. Please make sure you're using Wirecast 10.1 as your initial report was with 9.0.1

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  • We're using a 30X-SDI and connecting via ethernet and seeing a 1.0 second delay or more. Would a CAT-5 cable, etc. help in this case? Any other suggestions.

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  • Roy Costa This thread was regarding Wirecast 9.0.1. The current version of Wirecast is 12.0. 

    Generally "ethernet" would involve a CAT cable fo some sort so it's not clear what you're asking. The class of CAT cable wouldn't impact delay depending on the bandwidth on the network. Generally, I'd recommend CAT 5e though (CAT 6 would be fine). 

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