Facebook Live Authentication "Popup is too small"

I've done several successful Facebook Live broadcasts out of Wirecast, but tonight I hit a (new) roadblock. Trying to authenticate a session, I click the Username: Authenticate button, and the window pops up to log into Facebook. This window has always been too small to see the whole page, but I was able to move around it and fill in my login. Tonight I'm blocked, with the text Your popup is too small to display this page. Please enlarge it to proceed.

I have no Idea how to do that. Can't drag from the corner. No combination of CTL+ keys seems to affect it. 

I'm guessing the popup size is set in Wirecast, and Facebook doesn't like it anymore, but I'm more interested in how to fix it.

  • Windows 10 Version 1511
  • Wirecast Pro 7.1.0 (28647)  64 Bit
  • 1 Beyond Stream Machine, i7-3970; 16GB Ram
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
  • Input sources of the video/audio and type of connection used including:
    • Cameras and settings (frame size, frame rate, interlace/progressive)
      • Sony 1080i HDMI thru Blackmagic converter, Matrox VS4
      • Complete hardware setup used for streaming - All that stuff above.
  • Server and/or CDN name - Facebook Live
  • Wirecast preference settings (be complete)
    • Use High Quality Video
    • Disable Vertical Sync
  • Wirecast Canvas size 1080p
  • Streaming and Recording encoder settings
    • Facebook Live default:
      • x264
      • 1280x720, 30 fps
      • Average bit rate: 2350
      • Profile: Main
      • keyframe every 240
      • Audio:
        • Stereo
        • 128
        • 44.1
  • Wirecast Output Statistics (CPU%, fps, connection green bars).
    • Haven't gotten that far
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  • I'm curious what pixel size is you monitor?

    Try Reseting Wirecast Preferences and creating a new document after that. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but in the lower left click on Reset Preferences and then restart Wirecast with a new document.

  • The monitor is 1920x1200 (not 1080 - it's a bit of an odd size monitor).

    While checking that spec, I noticed that I had The "Change the size of text, apps and other items" at 200%. I brought it down to 125% and was able to log into Facebook through the Wirecast interface successfully. So that was the problem.

    I had the setting that big for a couple of reasons. I'm 66 years old, and can't see the mouse-type on most monitors without making it bigger. Also, I use the Wirecast monitors on my system "on air" while I'm doing my own switching in single-operator mode, so I need things easy to see, and big enough so viewers can read text on lower-resolution or small devices (my audience is also mostly over 50). 

    So, SUCCESS with that small caveat. I'll be able to get to Facebook, but may have to change settings once I've logged on.


  • Personally I think they should ban the use of tiny type on the internet. ;-)
    Good to hear you fixed it.

  • I am having the same problem. My monitor is at 100% and 1920x1080 ... I used facebook to create an account here and the pop worked fine. I tried Reset Preferences and it did nothing. I closed and reopened Wirecast with a blank page and still getting "Your popup is too small to display this page. Please enlarge it to proceed." when trying to authenticate. Tried resolutions all the way down to 800x600 and will not work, just scrambled my desktop icons all around.  Wirecast 7.3 Win10

  • James Harrison I strongly recommend that should keep check for updates enabled in Wirecast Preferences or otherwise check for updates regularly. Wirecast is now at version 7.7 so please update and check again. Reset Preferences after updating and test with a new document.

    If you're still having the issue please do post a screenshot.

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