Looping video blacking out at 3 minutes, then reappearing

Greetings: I'm creating videos of my podcasts. For visual interest, I've got a 10 second video in the background. I'm pasting it multiple times. It looks fine in Screenflow, but exporting to Web-High or Lossless, parts black out. In the current video, it blacks out at about 3 minutes and shows up again at about 3:53.

Is there a way to fix this? It seems to happen with different videos at different places. And it always looks fine in Screenflow.

• Macbook Pro mid 2014 - 3Ghz Intel i7; 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3; 
• OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
• ScreenFlow version 4.5.4 (23431) [directly from Telestream]
• not recording from any external devices
• Scratch disk? I'm using the internal hard drive 
• 455.14 GB free of 999.37 GB
• 2 monitors - laptop and Acer H236HL
• Complete Export settings: 100% (Apple Animation video encoding at Best Quality Raw PCM stereo audio at 48.0khz)
• Step by step workflow: I layer the tracks (headshot, logo, title card, audio, and the 10sec video enough times to last the entire video). I duplicate the previous screenflow project as a guide for each next podcast video.
• Source files used in your project: mp3, jpg. 10-sec video is .mov in 1920x1080 format
• What you are recording: I don’t think this applies
• Sequence running time: The end video is 11 minutes 33 seconds
• Error messages if any: none
• Visual or auditory description of the issue. Attach screenshot if you think it will clarify: see screen shot of “normal” and of the black background at 3 minutes

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  • ScreenFlow 4.5.4 is not compatible with El Capitan. ScreenFlow 5.0.3 was the minimum needed. You'll have to upgrade to 6.1.

  • Huh. I didn't realize that as I've been using it ever since El Capitan came out. 


    I'll look for the upgrade.

  • Sometimes the incompatibles are subtle. It may "mostly work" except in certain circumstances which required us to change underlying code.

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