Wirecast Go says "Youtube not LS enabled" Youtube disagrees

Hello.  New to LS and downloaded Wirecast Go as it's listed as an approved encoder by Youtube.  When choosing default Youtube channel livestream destination in Wirecast goes to camera and immediately gets shutdown with dialogue box: "The operation couldn't be completed. (The user is not enabled for live streaming.)"  Title & Description filled in.  Fails on public and private settings.

Youtube begs to differ on enabling setting.  Shows enabled.  Tried entering Youtube RTMP address separately as server with URL and Stream name per the channel specs.  Selected that instead of YouTube as destination.  Nope.  I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious.

Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.4 (13G35), Verizon. Verified that your app has full access to camera, mike, location.  Please advise

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  • Please check and make sure you don't have multiple YouTube accounts.


    I have three for example but only one is setup for live streaming. You may need to check in a browser to confirm you're setup to go to the correct account enabled for live streaming.

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  • Thank you Craig!  That was it!  I was hoping you could techsplain to me 1) why I should use Wirecast Go (mobile streaming off telco carrier) versus Youtube's own?  Others I'm interested in using are Facebook, Periscope, and Hang w/ to start.  But definitely interested in feeding multiple sites with same stream.  2) Does Wirecast have legs for something like that?

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  • YouTube's (Android only and beta as I understand it) app is limited to YouTube whereas Wirecast Go and be upgraded to stream to most any CDN.

    Wirecast Studio (computer program) can stream to multiple CDNs at the same time. Keep in mind that Facebook's terms of service for their API does not permit streaming to competing CDNs

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