Switch Pro + Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K Playback


I'm looking for a media player that would allow me to output video through my Blackmagic Intensity pro 4K to a projector fro client aproval.

Someone suggested Telestream Switch, which I have downloaded the trial version of, but it seems output to my Intensity is not working.

Is this due to the trial version being the non "pro" version, with the "external output" option not available?

Basically, can you confirm that if I buy your software, I will be able to output my video files through my Intensity Pro 4K?



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  • External Preview Device Selects an External Preview device. Switch currently supports the following external preview devices: Blackmagic, AJA T-TAP, AJA ioXT, AJA io4K, AJA Kona 3G, AJA Kona 4. Other AJA devices may work as well. The source video must match a format that is supported by the external preview device that you have selected or external preview will not occur. Users can refer to the device manufacturer's specifications for a list of supported formats for each device. External preview currently only works in Preview mode, not in Edit mode. 

    So it should work in the Pro version.

    When you go to View > External Preview Device does it appear in the menu or do you see something that says you must have Pro license?

    What OS are you using?
    Have you installed the current Blackmagic Driver 10.7?

    In other words when you say "not working" I need to know exactly what you're seeing.

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  • Hi and thank for your quick reply.

    You mention Blackmagic support. Does that mean all models, including my intensity pro 4k?

    Currently , when I go to View/External preview device, it says something about the option only supported in the Pro version.
    Is there a way to have a trial of the pro version, so as to make sure it all works as expected and as per my requirements before I take the plunge and buy uour software. It's quite a lot of money to spend and I wanna be 100% sure.

    Also, when you say the format has to match one of those supported by the card, do you mean dimension wise, or codec wise, or both?
    My plan is to play the client review files which are always some 1920x1080 h264 or hevc encoded files.

    ThanX for your help
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  • Generally it should work with Blackmagic devices since they all use the same driver.

    Yes you would need to be able to try the Pro version.
    Please do fill out the form and explain that you need to try the Pro version to test with your Blackmagic card and we'll give you a hand with that.
    Switch Support Form


    Format support means if you use 720p59.94 or 1080p29.97 for example that would need to be supported by your output card and monitor. If you used UHD for example, your output card and monitor would have to support that.

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  • hi, I have purchased switch 4.5 pro. The View/External preview is greyed out. I have restarted the machine many times. I have a Aja I/O 4k box attached to a external monitor by SDI. But no picture is being shown.

    If I use my FCP on the same machine, then the picture shows up on the monitor. But doesn't work when using the switch player. Any ideas please?

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  • vejay forrester I'd like to help but there's not enough technical information.

    • Switch should be updated to 4.5.2. Please confirm.
    • Make sure you've updated to AJA Mac driver 15.0.1.
    • Make sure there's no other software that would be using the AJA io4K box
    • Go to Switch > Preferences > License and confirm that it's activated for Switch 4 Pro.
    • It sounds like you're on a Mac given you mention FCP but you haven't included any information about which one and what macOS you're on. Please provide that.
    • There's a potential incompatibility with driver version 15 (it may not be fixed in 15.0.1). Try uninstalling 15 and downloading and installing 14.3 as per our tech notes. Reboot the computer making sure nothing else is running and test again.


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  • Hey Craig

    Many thanks for this. I un installed the latest driver that you mentioned and installed version 14.3. That did the trick.

    Thanks Craig


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  • vejay forrester You're welcome of course. We're working on on driver version 15 compatibility.

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  • Thanks Craig. Much appreciate your help as always

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  • vejay forrester And thank you of course.

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