It's ALIVE. It's ALIVE!!!! Wirecast 7. Now to dig into the changes and improvements.

Just thought you would like to know.

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  • Probably our biggest Wirecast update ever. Lots of things both obvious and under the hood. Enjoy.

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  • 1 thing I noticed right away when installing it that I am going to put in requests for.

    Audio compressor/leveler. Everything else looks fantastic so far. I can't wait to test it out with the ISO recordings. I installed it on a VERY powerful Amazon VM server and it is working smooth. RDP even works, so that makes me very happy considering everything I do is through RTMP & RTSP streams. 

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  • Important to note that Remote Desktop Presenter versions are 2.0.6 for Mac and 2.0.7 for Windows.

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  • Certainly make the feature request for Audio Compressor.
    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • Hi Craig - re: DTP, according to the download screen on Telestream, the versions are the other way around - 2.0.6 for Win and 2.0.7 for Mac. Just confirming...

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  • I'll have to find some time to play around with it. Can you give some some more details on how the dynamic text works? can you load in an XML file and read specific XML elements? And if the file changes, will the new information get pulled into the graphics in real time?

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  • Yes Pesi, I reversed the versions. Oops!.

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  • Zach Schuster Do you mean RSS feed text for animated text (install free Titler Live Express)?

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  • CraigS Most other titling/graphics systems have an external data option to read XML, CSV, or text files with key=value pairings.

    If I had a file that had this information:

    firstname = Tim
    lastname = Smith

    or in XML:


    Can I load that file, create two text fields in a graphic, and designate firstname in to one textfield and lastname in to the other?

    And then change those names in the text or XML file, after which the titles would update as well?

    As I look at the marketing materials, I'm guessing this cannot be done.

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  • Zach Schuster I know that TitlerPro Live does that, not sure if it's a feature in the express version (which is free with WC7).

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  • Hello everyone. How are the Mac stations running Wirecast 7? Curious to have sone one-on-one with other Mac users. 

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  • Craig, can you install WC7 side by side with version 6? Or do you recommend uninstalling?

    Is installing WC6 back on a machine a simple matter of also installing WC7, etc?


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  • I'm excited about the ISO recording. Is that a performance hog or pretty reasonable? I take it you can still record the live-switched recording alongside the ISO recordings, yes?

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  • For who is testing the 7 version: whats the reduction in cpu usage? In your scenario.
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  • Hugo Simoes  6 and 7 on the Mac is Ok. The OS gives you an option to keep both. On Windows 7 will overwrite 6. You can try putting 6 in a folder but it may have issues. If you test doing that, do post back.

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  • Zach Schuster I haven't tested in Express but they do list CSV with Ultimate

    • CSV Playlist Import and Export
    • CSV Live update
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  • Zach Schuster Titler Live Features for each version

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  • Lucas Peters recording can be MJPEG which is easier on the CPU than H.264 .mp4. It does some CPU resources. How much may be relative to your CPU.

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  • ...but if you are encoding a live stream in H264 does it not use less resources if you also record with the same H264 as well?

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  • MJPEG makes more sense for ISO which may be multiple sources for post production (or replay) use. I'd never record H.264 for post production use. 

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  • Another thing we need to bring to your attention too, and please make this fully aware at all TOP levels at Telestream, and that is regarding to the versions supported by Akamai. 

    They only continue to "support" a much earlier version 6 so far. There have been encoding issues with many 6.x.x version update after the release compatible with Akamai. 

    Many of us use their backend all the time, and some of us exclusively, even. So, can you get us a position on what you are doing with Akamai to test CURRENT versions of the software so that us, Live Encoding Engineers aren't left to the dust, running older versions? 

    What's Telestream doing in connection with Akamai to accurately and deem the latest possible versions as compatible, as quickly as possible. 

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  • CraigS you said "I'd never record H.264 for post production use." Why is that? to utilize NVENC you must use H.264, further in windows editing an MOV often requires quicktime to be installed which is a known security risk. In fact US Homeland Security urges Windows users to uninstall quicktime.

    Given the huge performance boost of NVENC by offloading to the GPU MJPEG no longer seems like the best option for Windows.

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  • Hugo Simoes Please do report the problems with Akamai. Explain exactly what's happening so we know where to look to fix compatibility. If you know the version number last supported that can help us track what changed.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • Benjamin Yaroch H.264 compression and GOP require computer resources to decode when using in post work. Also it may not hold up as well to generation loss which is a given in post work. Encoding to H.264 is good for distribution and, at very high data rates, can be uploaded (and then it still gets re-encoded again) to services like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook (video), etc.

    You don't need Quicktime to play back .mov files. Windows Media Player plays H.264 .mov. Professional programs like ours can also handle many .mov codecs through it's own build in decoders. This is also the case with professional NLEs. Our own free Telestream Switch Player can play .mov

    Apple stopped developing Quicktime 7 some time ago, given that most professional programs handle playback internally, stopped security updates. Apple never developed a 64 bit version. While it's still available on Mac as a download, Apple moved to AVFoundation a few years ago.

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