Screenflow will not record iPhone screen.

So when I go to record my iPhone screen the dropdown box shows it as available but when I press record I get the following pop up notification.

All other apps are closed and all software is up to date yet it still isn't working.

Anyone know what else I can try in order to fix this?

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  • Please test by trying to record iPhone screen in Quicktime first. If it doesn't work there it could be iOS/OS related issue which is common.
    Make sure everything is up to date (OS, iOS, ScreenFlow).

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  • CraigS  Yes.

    Quicktime was able to record with no problem.

    Everything is up to date.

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  • Jon Ashworth Version of ScreenFlow, macOS, iOS?
    iPhone through hub or direct into computer USB port?

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  • CraigS  

    Mac = Mojave 10.14.1
    Screenflow = Version 8.2.2 (31335)
    iOS = 12.1.1

    Plugged direct into USB port

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  • Jon Ashworth 
    Mojave 10.14.2
    ScreenFlow 8.2.2
    iOS 12.1.1.
    Works for me.

    So there's something on your system interfering with ScreenFlow. The message points to something else grabbing control of the iPhone.

    Remove all other USB devices except keyboard and mouse (if they're connected by USB). Reboot the computer with only the iPhone attached. Make sure the iPhone Trusts the computer if you get that message. Make sure the iPhone home page is visible. Open ScreenFlow and try to record the iPhone.

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  • CraigS  Ok. I did all of that as you mentioned and it is still coming up with same notification.

    Going to uninstall Screenflow and re-install.

    Ya never know.

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  • Didn't work

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  • Jon Ashworth Since I'm not seeing other reports on this I suspect there's something in your settings that might be at issue.

    Create a New User Admin account. Delete the Login items for that account. That ensures nothing is running in the background.

    Boot into that account. Connect the iPhone and make sure the home screen is visible. Start ScreenFlow, select the iPhone and record.

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  • I get today the exact same problem with the last version of ScreenFlow (8.2.2 31335)

    I successfully recorded about a month ago from my iOS device without any problem, today impossible to record my iPad with the same "Camera in use" error message.


    I fixed the problem by going to System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Camera

    and allow ScreenFlow to access the camera.

    I was using only one source of recording, the iOS Device. Mac Camera was not involved. 

    This error message is really confusing.

    Requiring Mac camera access make me uncomfortable. At least Accessibility access does not seem to be mandatory for now.


    Hope that help,


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  • Pascal Mermoz Thanks for that.

    Apple's new macOS security on device access per program is certainly creating a lot of confusion.

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