Facebook Live streaming @ 1080p

Since Facebook has changed their API to allow Facebook live streaming at 1080p now I would like to request that Wirecast offer the same option. LP

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  • Generally we're very good about implementing features that Facebook supports through their API for third party developers. Thanks for tagging LP.

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  • Wirecast 8.1 will support Facebook Live streaming at 1080p

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  • LP Thanks for confirming.

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  • you can also rtmp to facebook with your favourite settings

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  • Christian Valtanen As promised earlier in this thread. Wirecast 8.1 supports streaming 1080 to Facebook.


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  • CraigS tried once those settings. It was my last time. processor jumped to 99, frames started dropping and audio went off sync. 

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  • Christian Valtanen Perhaps your system can't handle it. That would be CPU related. Wirecast supports 1080 streaming to Facebook and a recent Quad i7 processor should handle it depending on the sources and other settings.

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  • CraigS  

    With my normal 1080p (non official) settings cpu between 40-60%

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  • Christian Valtanen said:
    With my normal 1080p (non official) settings cpu between 40-60%

     That's more like what I'd expect. Keep in mind using Apple H.264 will give you lower numbers than x264. We have both options with our Facebook presets. If you're getting unusually high numbers it could mean an issue with Wirecast Preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Reset Preferences button. Then restart Wirecast and test with a New Blank Document just in case the previously created document is retaining the issue. 

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