Capturing a Screen Connected to a Projector - Not Displaying Correctly

Good evening all...  I've searched the gargler for two days trying to find an answer for this and been unable so please, forgive me if it's been asked before and I just didn't find it.


I'm running Wirecast 8.3 on Win10 on a Dell 790/i7/16GB with dual Radeon 790's (I think that's the model) and 3 monitors.  Windows identifies monitor 1 as my Epson projector, monitor 2 as my Asus 23" where Wirecast sits and monitor 3 as my Dell 23" where OpenLP sits. 


OpenLP is a church media presenter, think of it as PowerPoint for a church I guess.  The Dell monitor is used for control and the projector is the output display.


I'm trying to capture the projector (monitor 0) in Wirecast.  It works but it's only capturing about 2/3rd of the screen.  The output is 1080p to the projector and my canvas in Wirecast is 1080p.  All my cameras are captured correctly.  I've tried scaling/resizing the screen in Wirecast but that just gives me black - it's not a scaling problem, it's just only capturing about 2/3rd of the screen.


I've attached a photo, where you can see I've got the right-click desktop context menu displaying on the projector and you can see Wirecast is only capturing a portion of the screen.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated and again, I'm sorry if this has been asked before and I did't find it!


Thanks for the help,





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