Creating replay shots as part of a playlist using only hotkeys?


I'm only recently getting more ambitious with the look of my replay settings and I want to build into it the following:


1. Swipe in logo

2. Replay shot

3. Swipe in logo again

4. back to the live shot.


From what I can tell, this is possible if I create the replay shot in a playlist, however I don't seem to be able to do it without turning off autolive and then shuffling the clips around in the playlist, because the replay shot keeps getting added at the end of the playlist and not in the middle how I'd like.  Also, when I create a second replay shot, it doesn't replace the first one, it adds to the list.  I'd like to be able to create new replay shots that include the 'intro' and 'outro' by using only hotkeys and not having to turn off autolive or using the mouse.


I feel like it used to be possible to have the build-in logo and build-out logo part of the actual replay shot, and now I have to make it part of a playlist in Wirecast 8.  Is this correct?  Or is there something really simple in the workflow that I've overlooked? I would love some help on this.

I'm running Wirecast 8.1 on a MacBook Pro 15".




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