Realestate on the desktop screen is of up most importance. Since the newer mixer screen takes up such a large space, that leaves much less room for screen capture of various sources.

Can we get the older smaller mixer please.  It is almost like you need a second screen to put this monster mixer on just to mute and un-mute mics.

For people that want extensive mixing features in a fixed studio location, consider adding MIDI controls to wirecast. We helped develop that protocol 25 years ago and most of those people already have midi mixers in their studios.

For those of us who do worldwide remote broadcasts from a laptop, we need the precious desk space clear for screen capture from various live streaming sources.

Once our mix is set, all we really do is mute and un-mute the mic or Skype source etc.  So being able to squish that audio mixer down to just allow basic muting, un-muting, solo etc. would be a huge plus.  thank you

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  • Wirecast 7.7 Mixer

    Wirecast 6.0.8 Mixer


    So you'd like to be able to shrink it down to the size it was in 6.0.8?
    LP will document that request for you.

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  • It's my understanding, engineering added the ability to resize the audio mixer window smaller in Wirecast 8.

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  • LP 👍

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