Broadcasting Conversions to PAL 25 Frames

Hi there,

I am having a big challenge in front of me.

I have a Mac, with Yosemite v 10.10.5. and Episode Pro v 7.3

I manage and deal with about 160 programs for this television network i work for.

We broadcast in PAL at 25 frames.

Some of the content videos i receive are in NTSC and either 23.97 frames or 29.97

When we convert these, some are actually out of sync, some are way out.

These are the settings typically used:

Container: MOV

Video Codec: DV

Audio Codec: PCM

Frame Rate Filter: Filter Mode: Fixed Frame Rate || Framerate Preset: Auto || New Framerate: 25

Audio Filters: Sample rate: 48000 Hz || Channel Config: Auto, Stereo

Please assist in proper conversion to 25 PAL that make the audio in sync,

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  • Episode 7.x doesn't officially support Yosemite 10.10.x

    *Please note: Episode 7 does not support OS X 10.10 or earlier

    It may depend on how you're doing the frame rate conversions. Often 23.98 to 25fps is just a speed change. 29.97 to 25fps would be an Advanced Frame Rate Conversion.

    Also 23.98 may be in 29.97 (i59.94) so you may need to remove fields. Panasonic DVX camera was a challenge to deal with because it had two different ways of embedding 23.97 in 29.97 (i59.94).

    Please look at out Standards Conversions presets and test them. Look at the SD presets for typical DV Standard Conversion scenarios. You may want to use them as a basis for creating your own custom settings if needed.

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