Titler Live broadcast possible conflict

I have Titler Live broadcast version that i use with wirecast7.2. Now that W7 automatically installs the base version of Titler I am wondering if there could be a possible conflict with the 2 versions being installed together?

When i load a document it says that wirecast had previously crashed (it hadn't) and did i want to save the recovered document. 

Also, i am getting regularly "unhandelled exception errors" when opening documents.

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  • Please update to Wirecast 7.3, create a new document and test.

  •  Sorry, I am using 7.3. In this example all i did was start a new document and add 2 titler live shots. I then saved and closed the document. When i reopened it i got the warning. If i click "no" it disappears and everything works.

    I am going live in about 2hrs from now so don't want to do anymore experimenting now, but will try some more in the next few days.

  • I've seen something like that but it wasn't related to Titler Live. Try creating a new document, creating a new shot using a video or file source, quitting and opening Wirecast again and see if it happens. I'd also recommend reseting preferences first, Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on the lower left Reset Preferences instead. Then start Wirecast and in the new document create a shot and save, quit and start and open again.

  • is there a location that wirecast saves document back-ups by any chance? all my document files have been deleted accidently and i lost my settings.... 

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