Im Streaming Sports and the Quality is so so at best...

I'm looking for advise.  Im Streaming all our local high school sports and im having end result quality issues.   I'll run down my setup and im hoping someone can hopefully see something I can change to make the quality better, its not the greatest... The end result seems a bit grainy, Dull, and sometimes fuzzy when I watch it on my home TV, Iphone, or laptop after the event has been completed. 

Here is my setup from top to bottom -

3 Cannon XF100 Camcorders
1 Gopro 7
1 Roland V-1HD 4 Channel HDMI Video Switcher
1 Blackmagic Smartview external monitor
1 Blackmagic Ultrastuido HDMI to Thunderbolt converter
1 Macbook Pro 15", 2017 -
                  Running High Sierra, 2.9ghz, i7 Intel processor, 16GB 2133MHz ram,                   Radeon Pro 560 4GB Graphics processor, USBC gibit network port
Hardwired into School Network
      **1GB Download speed and 750MB Upload speed - (Yes, that is for Real)
Using Wirecast 8.1.0 (32711)
Platform is YouTube direct connect through Wirecast and im live streaming events.

So here is the breakdown - My cameras connect to the Roland so Im able to switch on the Fly..... The Picture looks amazing thru the camera view screen, the image looks amazing while using Wirecast on my laptop, the image looks amazing thru the Smartview external monitor, but after im done streaming, I go back and watch the video on youtube and its dull, colors are off, and at times, it looks fuzzy..... 

I work in the IT department for the school district, there is nothing blocking or hindering the signal to YouTube, but as a test, I also do Live streams of the Hockey team, which the Hockey Rink uses the local Park & Rec connection so its a completely different network and I get the same results... picture looks fantastic locally, but dull, and Fuzzy afterwards. 

My processor is running between 35% to around 47% while I am streaming, never higher.   I am using the ISO instant replay feature while I stream, but the results are the same weather I have that turned on or not.  

My output settings for Encoding are YouTube, 1080p30 x264 Recommended (4.5mbps)

I realize for Streaming Hockey, the lighting in the arenas isnt always the best, but for Basketball which has over kill for lighting, the results are the same.   It is also the same when I am outside doing Football, Soccer, or Baseball/Softball....

I know my cameras are not top of the line by any means, but it still looks very nice local on all my devices, up until im actually viewing the final product after the game is complete.  

Im willing to try anything to get the end results better (except purchase additional items, that isnt in the budget this year) ....

I look forward to hearing from you and some opinions on what I can change....

Thanks for your help in advance....

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