Mute live audio when playing a clip, Wirecast 8.3

When I play certain clips I want the audio from the clip to play, but I want my live audio, normally used, to either mute or be attenuated by a few dB.  Must be a way using audio channels, but frankly the manuel is woefully lacking on instructions on how to use the audio channels.

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  • You can lower the volume using Wirecast > Window > Audio Mixer.
    You can mute a source entirely if you click on its speaker icon at the bottome of the fader.

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  • CraigS Thanks.  Yes, I was aware of that, but right now I have a very intuitive external way to do it that is faster than using the software, and our operators still get it wrong.  BTW, I did use some incorrect terminology in my question, for which I apologize.  I'm using Wirecast 8.3 Professional on a Win7 machine.  I had looked at the multitrack input manager, and it seemed that if I put the audio from the clip on, say, track 2, with my hardware interface from our audio mixer on track 1 but unchecked on that clip, then told that clip to play only track 2, that the mixer audio would be muted as I want.  But when I tried that, the main audio on Track 1 was removed from all clips and live sources.  BTW, the application is a clip over a live shot.  In one case, the clip is made semi-transparent, and in the other cast the clip is chroma keyed over the live shot.  The live shot is, of course, on a lower layer than the clips that play over it.  I have not found any information on how to use tracks 2-8.  Can you point me to something?  Thanks.,

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  • Jim Farmer 



    Multiple Tracks can be used for RECODING ONLY.



    The User Guide doesn't make this clear but only One Track can be used for Live Streaming



    The Audio Mixer itself doesn't have track assignable controls, Only Live Output and, as noted above, Only One Track.

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  • Thanks

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  • Jim Farmer You're welcome of course. We certainly need to provide more details on this. I'm working on getting that to happen.

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  • Thank you sir.   I'll be on the lookout for more info.  It would be useful to us if we could use this feature to mute or duck external audio when certain clips are playing.  This is of course for streaming as well as recording.



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  • Jim Farmer the developers are doing a good job of expanding the audio features. If you see possible areas of improvement do fill out the feature request form and we'll send you a case number as we examine the ideas. A lot of what you see now came from user input.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • Thanks for your responsiveness.  I have submitted a feature request form.

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  • Jim Farmer You're welcome of course.

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