AKAI APC MINI enable all button

at the moment we can use only 40 button of 64, where 5 button of 40 are reset layers.. only 7 shots for layer.

for sport it's impossible use this, every team have more players

please, abilitate all button control

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  • Moved to the MIDI Controller sub forum so the developers can see.

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  • Sounds like you need either custom mapping, or the ability to designate multiple button rows for a single master layer. I will provide this feedback to the team.

  • Bryce Stejskal - It's apparently two years later. I just picked up the APC mini to see what it could do. Nothing's been developed? Or have I not been looking in the right places?

    Custom Mapping? Yes, please! Kind of a waste without it.

  • We understand this is very important for some workflows. We are looking into improving this in the not-so-distant future.


    In my opinion, a blocker to this is a revamp of keyboard shortcuts and their mapping paradigm.

    From there, MIDI mapping work has some additional criteria, such as status light considerations, and a solution to the dynamic allocation of fader slots within the audio mixer.

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  • Bryce Stejskal - thanks, Bryce. I know you've all got lots to do, and I should have dug just a little deeper, as the manual is pretty clear about these limitations. 

    I've been using the old, deprecated Wirecast Toolbox, which I've loaded up with keypad Num keys, and a bunch of CTL+ and ALT+ Num keys to control my shots. I've got about 20 different shots, between 4 cameras, multiple screen shots, lots of varieties of split screens, and a bunch of titles, all while I'm also the on-camera talent. It works, but only because my show is loose, and I'm OK with telling the audience that I just screwed up 🙄

    I guess I miss my old Grass Valley switcher! I had hopes for the APCmini, and I'm working with it to see how I can spread my shots out among the layers and make things work anyway (but see my issue about Layer 2 not working in a separate, new post). 

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