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Hi, we have 3 different Destination Servers. So I saved one Doucument with all destinations and just the 3 Cameras input. So on every Job I open this document and add Images and layers and save it into a different document. And on a new Version I delete all preferences and I mke a new document with base settings . Would it be possible that I can save the destination in wirecast so that when I open a new document all destinations are already there? Maybe save the destinations into an xml or something?

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  • Michel Lange said:
    Would it be possible that I can save the destination in wirecast so that when I open a new document all destinations are already there?

     You'd like to save default destinations in Wirecast? 
    Perhaps I don't understand your workflow. 
    Are these destinations with unchanging RTMP locations?

    Please walk me through a workflow with specific details.

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  • Yes the destinations are everytime the same. We have our own cms system where we have 3 rtmp servers that we can link to new html pages for every new job that we have. I can use the same Document for every Stream we have, but the document is then full of old stuff like pictures and videos. So we have an document with our servers that we open before a stream. to just add content for the actual project. 
    Is it possible to save rtmp servers directly into wirecast and not into a document (like all other wirecast settings)? Because when I use a new document all servers are deleted. I hope you understand what i mean. My english is not that good.

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  • Workflow:

    1. we have an wirecast doucument (let's call it Master)with just the rtmp servers on our Destop

    2. we open that and add cameras and other content (pictures, videos ...) and save it under a different name
    3. when stream starts we open the new saved document and stream.

    We are doing that because we don't have to input our servers everytime again.
    But to prevent errors between documents on huge Wirecast updates. I delete all preferences when a new Wirecast Update is released and make a new Master document (only with the servers) for every new Version.

    In my opinion it would be better when the server (RTMP, Facebook, youtube..) were saved direcxtly into Wirecast like the fps or live symbol settings. This is also great if you are streaming evrytime to the same Facebook Account. 


    Or are the douments from Wirecast 8 fully compatibleto work with Wirecast 10 ?

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  • Michel Lange Thanks for the explanation. Wirecast 8 documents should be compatible with Wirecast 10 outside of the new features of course. If you import one into 10 and see an issue let us know. Duplicate the document first just in case.

    Saving the RTMP setups could be of value so certainly do may that a feature request.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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