Refresh shot Icon for all shots at once.

I would imagine that most people are starting and setting up the shots for Wirecast long before talent or the subject matter is ready and on location, which means I end up having to go through and refresh shot icons one at a time right before I'm ready to record to have accurate representations. 

I'd love a menu option to refresh all shot icons.  I have come across a few scenarios where something I have done has triggered that, so clearly it can be done, but it would be nice to have a menu option.  It would also be nice to have an option for WC to ask me when I start recording if I want to refresh them at that time.

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  • Do you keep Live Icons on or off in preferences? If on it will keep refreshing. Of course if Off it wouldn't refresh. Wouldn't toggling it on in Preferences enable it, they'd refresh, and then you can disable it again? True that would mean going into and out of Preferences but there is a keyboard shortcut for that. If it's before you start recording (or streaming) it might be disruptive to have a pop up asking that.

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  • That's a pretty good work-around, I can do that in the meantime but I do think it would be a useful function for people like me who have live icons off for reasons of saving processing power on a laptop. 

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  • TIA NOW Perhaps a "momentary" switch which will update all icons without having to go into preferences?

    Certainly fill out the form and make the request. Note the Preferences workaround because it shows the capability is almost there but if that can be done by a quick single "tick" (off/on/off) during a show by keyboard command or update icons menu option, it would be easier.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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