Yet Another Wirecast Random Audio Fail

I have a background audio file playing on a loop under my shots and for no explainable reason on my stream yesterday the audio just randomly stopped looping.

Here it is working: https://youtu.be/JRBcSVc7rUU?t=998 if you watch from there on it just stops playing.

No shot change by me, nothing changed within the stream itself, just WireCast falling over itself yet again.


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  • Did the audio stop looping or did the audio from the loop disappear?
    Was the audio file an .mp3, wav, aif?

  • CraigS  The audio stopped looping.

    It was an .mp3 file.

  • Benon Koebsch  Personally I'd avoid mp3 and use wav or aif. I've had issues with .mp3 files in a number of apps.

  • CraigS Ok, I'll swap it out to a .wav file. Even tho the file size will be larger and more CPU strain, but if you think it will work.

  • Benon Koebsch I've found .mp3 files to be problematic when used over time. Sometimes they drop out. I see this in editing programs as well. Compared to video files wav isn't too bad and despite the larger size, they should be easier and more reliable to playback.

  • Benon Koebsch .wav and .aif are uncompressed PCM audio data which is less CPU strain than .mp3 at the cost of file size and disk I/O.

  • PaulM Hmmmm, yes that is true, but the more strain you put on the system to play an uncompressed file the more chance you are gonna see the dreaded 85% RED ALERT!

    For instance, if I playback a 4K local video file on my stream Wirecast spits the dummy, but the same file at 1080? Fine. Same scenario (too a lesser degree) with .mp3 vs .wav

  • Benon Koebsch  Uncompressed files are generally less strain on the CPU. Larger files of the same codec do require more resources but uncompressed files are easier to decode than compressed files. 

  • 4K is a strain on most systems no matter what.  Besides the decoding overhead, you run into memory bus bandwidth constraints.  You chew up a good chunk of your  time just copying the decoded data up to the GPU.  Then the GPU has to wrestle with all that data.  Wirecast does more with it's data than most media player apps like VLC or Kodi. Avoid 4K when possible.

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