Titler Not Working in Wirecast Pro

I've owned and used Wirecast Pro for the last 6 or 7 years.  Prior to that, we used the Studio version.  I've used Wirecast since before Telestream purchased the product from the original developer. 

I'm currently running the latest version of Wirecast with an active standard support account. 

I'm wanting to look at using the Titler product packaged with Wirecast.  I've downloaded both products for Wirecast from the Telestrem website. 

I installed Titler Live Express for Wirecast, but it does not show up in Wirecast.  When I go to my account on NewBlueFX, it say the product is not activated.  It does have a license number in the NewBlueFX app manager.

I then uninstalled Live Express and installed Titler Live 4 Presents.  It does show up in Wirecast, but is showing up as a trial installation and is not activated.

So, my question is this, is the free versions of the Titler only available for new purchases or should it work regardless?

Thank you,


WC Pro: 12.0.1
Windows 10 
16GB ram 
Asus MB - H87M-E
500M SSD for OS
3T hard drive for recording
Decklink Mini Monitor PCIe 
Decklink Mini Recorder PCIe
Pro Intensity PCIe
Radon HD6570 Video Card with 1GB of dedicated memory

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  • Free Titler Live is only available for new purchases. If you've previously purchased Wirecast with a version of Titler Live, that would still be visible in the current version of Wirecast.

    In other words, if one purchased Wirecast Studio 10 with Titler Live 3 Express and upgraded to Wirecast Studio 12, Titler Live 3 Express would still work. Titler Live 4 Express would be a paid upgrade for that product.

    If you purchased the full version of Wirecast Studio 12 it would come with Titler Live 4 Express free.

    If you have Wirecast Pro and moved through an upgrade path you probably should have Titler Live 3 Present. If you install 4 it would be trial. If you look at NewBlueFX Applications Manager it should list all versions you have installed and whether they have serial number or Not Activated. That would be for each specific version you have installed.

  • OK, figured that might have been the case...  NewBlueFX to care of me.  Took the license from my old software and upgraded it to Titler 3.  We are good to go now.

  • Mark Walter Great to hear.

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