Wirecast And DLive - Stream Settings?

Hoping someone can help me here.

With the recent news of Pewdiepie switching from YouTUbe to streaming live exclusively on DLive, I have also taken an interest in the platform.

No matter what encoder settings I use in Wirecast my stream always goes into the "red flashing" stage and then "red solid" stream disconnected phase, all within the first 30 seconds of starting a stream (see image).

The only specific stream setting requirement from DLive is Keyframe=2 (see attached), but I believe I have that correctly set already.

Can someone help me set up my RTMP server settings for a 1080, 30fps stream that will stay connected?


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  • They may mean that as B-Frame setting in x264. Learn More... depends what that says.

  • Benon Koebsch There are keyframes that are use in Wirecast but they are normally configured by frames, not time so for a 1080p30, you would set it to 60. This applies for both x264 and H264 encoding. Just open the output window, select the profile you're wanting, click the cog to the right of the encoding selection and choose edit. You can update the settings for that encoding there but be sure to save it under a new custom name. Once that window is closed, you may need to choose the newly created encoding profile in the original output window (it was a bug that new profiles after editing didn't) but I think they fixed that.

    On a side note, it's interesting to see people jumping ship from trusted platforms like YouTube and Twitch. I wish you luck with getting an audience on a new platform. Especially one that is the demographics of THAT person.

  • Benon Koebsch  Keyframe every 2 seconds or 60 frames as Matthew notes.

  • Thanks guys.

    Matthew Potter Yes, that is what I understood, at 1080, 30fps the keyframe interval would correlate to 60 (every 2 seconds). I set that in a encoding setting of my own yet I still see the stream die after about 20 seconds every time.

    I'm streaming on there with OBS and the issue is not happening which is the opposite of my experience streaming to YT using both software platforms!

    And yeah I agree, I'm not 100% certain DLive is where I want to focus my time as I have built an audience on YT, however I do like that it is giving all proceeds to creators. Of course, without an audience that amounts to nada, but we all have to start from the bottom I guess!

  • Benon Koebsch Take a screenshot of your settings in OBS and in Wirecast. Let's compare.

  • Benon Koebsch  
    Something like this

  • Benon Koebsch  I went live just a couple of seconds after I hit stream in Wirecast


  • So I tried it with those settings (the only thing I have changed it the bit rate as my connection can handle it) and got the same fail at around the 30 second mark.

    Just as a heads up, this is working fine in OBS so I am not sure why it doesn't work here?

  • Benon Koebsch said:
    and got the same fail at around the 30 second mark

    Are you basing that on Wirecast stream signal turning red or the actual stream freezes or both?

  • Benon Koebsch  Confirmed I'm seeing the same thing.

    Report this and note that I've confirmed the issue as well.
    I've tried changing a variety of settings and the stream always disconnects by 30 seconds.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • So, heres a clear cut example that this product does not do what it's advertised to do. You cannot stream to a RTMP server. In this case DLive.

    Very frustrating!!!

  • Benon Koebsch  And we need to understand why. Did you fill out the form and report? We need those details to discuss and test. That it's specific to this CDN might mean they're looking for some setting we need to examine. 

  • CraigS There's no way I'm submitting any more reports. You guys should be offering me either a full refund or a bump to the pro software to see if this can fix all my issues! Why would I do the work of your developers? This crap should have been sorted BEFORE the program was made public.

    Look at this latest stream where my live chat did not work AGAIN!!! (even tho I checked "Shutdown when not live") And look at the way it comes back to being live: looks DISGUSTING. A simple browser source. It works flawlessly in OBS.

    And then as I'm trying to fix your incompetent software on the fly it sends my preview scene live to output. Just GREAT!!

    And then the Live Output Audio level suddenly drops for no real reason at all!! Lucky I spotted it as I had to manually adjust it back to 0.

    For real, this software is a piece of crap.

    If you can bump me to the full Pro version I would consider sticking around, but honestly I cannot deal with this crap. What a waste of good money.

    Check this latest stream FILLED with Wirecast issues: https://youtu.be/KEzl7EttxBY

  • Benon Koebsch  The Pro version would exhibit the same issue. That's what I tested with.

    See Order Help for our Refund policy and form.

  • CraigS "within 30 days of purchase" doesn't really seem fair considering this thing has failed THAT many times within and outside of that 30 day period!

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  • Benon Koebsch  Feel free to discuss your position with them.

  • Benon Koebsch  The issue is fixed in Wirecast 13.0. We've tested to our own DLive accounts for many minutes without issue.

  • Wirecast 13.0 broke my camera source. I use the EXACT same setup as before updating, with the EXACT same working file, yet the video capture from my camera is rendered jerky in both the preview and the live mode. 13.0 is unusable.

    Add that to the non-stop issues I have with audio dropping out midway through a stream, web browser sources randomly not working and the multitude of other documented errors I have noted here in these forums and I'll say it again: this software is utter rubbish. I should be offered a full refund given the effort I've put in to document these errors. 

    I rolled back to 12.2.1 and my camera source works as it did before.

  • Benon Koebsch  So far we're getting good reports on 13.0 for most customers. If you have issues you should post specific topics on them. We can't troubleshoot general comments. 13.0 does require to reset Source Properties with Blackmagic devices on documents imported on previous versions. Setting Source Properties is one-time change that retains the fix for that document. New documents created in 13.0 don't have that issue.

  • CraigS I'm not at all in the slightest interested in providing more reports on specific topics in order to fix this clunky software. All I want to do is live stream. Your software does not do that for me.

    And to make matters worse: your update to 13.0 occurred 20minutes before my weekly live stream on YouTube: as a result that stream was over an hour late while I faffed around un-installing the update and finding 12.2.1 buried on your site to reinstall it.

    SOOOOOOO frustrating!!!!

  • Benon Koebsch  And I also had an important stream the day after the release. I waited until after the stream to update. A professional rule of thumb is don't update in the middle of the project. As a former broadcast quality facility video engineer that was always a rule (for every facility I worked for).

  • A simple "roll back" to previous versions would also help.

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