Scoreboard hotkeys not working?

Suddenly I can't change the score by using hotkeys on the scoreboard... Anyone else having this problem? Wirecast 7.4.0 Pro on a MacBook Pro 15"

I've created a video demonstrating the problem.. perhaps there's a really simple solution that I'm overlooking?

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  • Confirmed not working for me either in 7.4. Tested in an older version of 7 and it did work. Sorry about that.

    Please do fill out the support form and we'll investigate the fix.
    Wirecast Support Form

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  • Done - thanks!

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  • You're welcome of course.

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  • hi Tim, sorry for my english, you want change the single score with the hotkeys or you want call/open only the scoreboard?
    i use the hotkeys for open the scoreboard, i have the same problem with the 7.3 but I solve by changing a hotkeys worm...
    it's possible change of individual
    team score?

    c ya!

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  • There's an issue changing individual scores with the built in key. You can use the mouse though. We're investigating the key issue.

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  • any update regarding this?
    can't get it to work in version 7.6

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  • Chris Randel It's working for me. I simply take the scoreboard live and the hot keys change the score. Wirecast 7.6. Try creating a New Blank Document, adding just a Scoreboard shot and testing.


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  • Craig,

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
    I only tried it when the scoreboard was in Preview, never Live. When the score is live, it works! Thanks for clarification!

    Do you know, if I can somehow reconfigure the shortcuts to other keys? I am using german keyboard, so the default buttons are not that handy....


    Anyways, thanks again!

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  • Just realized the following bug:

    When I start Wirecast with a new document (or saved one), at first I cannot trigger scores via default hotkeys.

    After opening and closing settings, it works!

    (same here: )

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  • Chris Randel 

    Chris Randel said:
    Do you know, if I can somehow reconfigure the shortcuts to other keys? I am using german keyboard, so the default buttons are not that handy....

     Not at the moment. That would be a feature request. LP  can log that for you.

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  • Chris Randel  Please note the follow and make sure you're using as described in the User Guide. Scoreboard must be Live


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  • The important thing is to use a US keyboard!
    Otherwise you can set the keyboard as if it were US and find the keys to increase or decrease the score.. in Italian keyboard i use this key after set US:
    ì - increment

    ' -  decrement
    + - increment vis
    è - decrement vis

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  • Andrea Pacini although if that's the case we have to look at fixing this for localized versions. You shouldn't have to use US Keyboard. I suspect this means you're having this issue as well in localized Italian version of Wirecast.

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  • Probable, I now look at the end of the season to try to reinstall everything

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  • Andrea Pacini do let us know if you continue to have this issue after the reinstall. 

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thank you.

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