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Sometimes I record pretty lengthy screencasts and I typically go back and review the work, adding video actions and so forth. Adding video actions seems to take quite a bit of time. I'd love for it to be a faster process.

It would be nice to be able to just click on the screen, as the video is playing back in Screenflow, and have the screen zoom in or out. Keyboard shortcuts could be thrown in to the mix to control the amount of zooming for example, while the mouse pointer determines where to zoom. The space bar would trigger a move back to 100% with centered coordinates for example. And these movements would be recorded of course, and editable. 

It seems that process would save me a bit of time in post production...especially if I could shuttle through cleanly in double time...or faster. 

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    If you have the clip selected while playing, you can add Callouts (Command L) and Actions (Command K) while playing. You can also add a "Snapback" Action (Option Command K) that way as well, which reverses the action. You can create Templates for frequently used Actions and Callouts as well. Please go through these functions and then describe if you'd want them improved. You can add Callouts and Actions while playing though.

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  • Awesome. Thank you!

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  • You're welcome of course.

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  • Although wouldn't it be much nicer and faster, in editing, if the mouse pointer could target coordinates i.e specific area of the recorded screen, and then with a click trigger the zoom, and application of the action in the timeline? For example, left click = zoom in 20% to a certain point determined by where the click occurs. Then right click for the "snap back." Middle button could be configured to zoom in 35%, so there would be some options. I believe this would be a much faster process and add some functionality to the mouse.

    The templates are useful, but I don't see a way to map keyboard shortcuts to specific template actions. Perhaps I'm missing that. 

    I'd still have to drag the recording in the editor however to emphasize the focal point. I'd love to see some usability advancements in this area.

    Also, if 2x and 4x playback speeds kept recorded speech more legible, then I could work even faster. If I could set it so that every time I played the recording (space bar or "L"), it would play clearly at 4x speed, that would be awesome. 2x speed is good, but the quality is still pretty choppy.   

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  • Yes, keyboard shortcuts for templates would be very useful. Please do fill out the Feature Request form and explain your current workflow and how shortcuts for templates would help.

    Also make a request for 2x and 4x playback speeds with better speech playback. 

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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