Broadcast not send to external display, start on main (primary) display

After I start broadcast to external Display (Samsung fullHD TV) connected with MacbookPro with HDMI cable (using ), Broadcast windows is start not on external display, but start on primary display. See attachements please. I have latest wirecast 7.5

Samsung display is not mirrored ...

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  • The adaptor may be the issue. Note the product rating on the Apple site. Does Wirecast allow you do select your Samsung TV as an External Display. Have you set External Display to 1920x1080? Have you tested to see that setup works without Wirecast? I'd also recommend testing with nothing attached to any other Thunderbolt ports (reboot the computer) and testing just with the built in Facetime webcam.

  • without wirecast work fine, external display is set to 1920x1080, Keynote with external display ok, I dont any problem up to now with other software ... ok I test other adapter

  • Ján Letko Thanks for testing that so for. Do test with the other adapter and Wirecast and post the results.

    Make sure Wirecast Canvas is set to 1920x1080


    I have HP monitor hooked up but make sure you can select Samsung monitor.

  • problem was in MacOS, after I complete reinstall OSX (with disk formatting, not only reinstall MacOS) all work fine ... thanks for support ...

  • Ján Letko Good to hear you solved it. Sorry that it took such a radical solution (format and install). You're welcome of course.

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