Streaming 4k to youtube and other locations

Hi i thought that 4k uploading was permitted on youtube, but i can't find out how to do it with wirecast. Could you please help?  Where/how can i stream to youtube in 4k? The attached screenshot seems to show a max of 1440p, am i missing something?


Also, this triggered another, bigger question about i have about wirecast. Could you please help with this too:


 Is it possible to simultaneously upload different sources to different locations? And apply different effects to different locations? Here's my use case:


I stream using two 4k webcams, both with green screens in the background. I want to stream/save this in 3 ways:


a) a split screen shot of both cameras. this would go to streaming services live for viewers (and, as i understand, would be converted to 1080p because most services dont permit 4k). The green screen would be chroma keyed out and filled with another visual on this live stream. I would send this to a service like restream IO to live stream to many platforms.


b) save/stream the unedited, 4k footage from camera 1. This footage would have full resolution and would not have the green screen chroma keyed, so that i can use and edit this footage later with more freedom. I would want to stream this to a private youtube account, that i can use/dl from later.


c) save/stream the unedited, 4k footage from camera 2 in a seperate  youtube stream/upload/account. This is the same thing as described in B, but i want a seperate video that i can use/edit for the second camera.


Does that description make sense? Am i misunderstanding anything? Is it possible to do this the way that i am imagining?


Thanks, Dan

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