Automatic level control for audio

We would love to see an automatic level control feature added to Wirecast similar to the one GarageBand has so we don't have to manually adjust the audio input level based on how loud the audio source is.

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  • That would be interesting.

    LP can log that for you.

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  • Hi Shawn, Are you using the Loudness feature? More details about your workflow would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • LP more detailed explanation here as he posted elsewhere in the forum, although perhaps Shawn Knight  can explain what is happening in Garage Band. It could be ducking or it could be some kind of level matching.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database.

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • Thanks guys, sorry for the delay in responding and for posting in two areas of the forum. I responded to Craig in more detail in the other post here:

    It is not ducking, but automatic gain/level adjustments based on how loud the input source is to make sure the recording doesn't sound blown out due to it being set too loud or too quiet if the source. Our services have a mix of full band and spoken word so the input volume change drastically coming out of our mixer into our Mac and we're having to adjust manually in the System Preferences / Sound / Input volume section. Would be nice awesome if Wirecast had a feature to sense how loud the input volume was and automatically adjust to normalize the recording audio.

    No we are not using the loudness feature, is that included in the Studio version? I'm thinking that we may need the Pro version to access the FX section, is that correct?

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  • Shawn Knight Perhaps test with the trial of Wirecast Pro. The Audio Filter FX are in the Pro version only.

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