Can playlist trigger a different layer?



I'm trying to automate the transition from my live stream countdown to my A camera and host audio.  Currently, my countdown video is on layer 2 and my A camera is on layer 2.  My host audio is a shot on layer 5.


Currently, when the countdown ends, my producer pushes a stream deck button that activates A camera on layer 2 and host audio on layer 5.  Simple enough, but trying to automate it into a playlist is driving me crazy.


If I build a playlist on layer 2, I can easily go from the countdown video to my A camera.  I can even put the host audio as a layer in the A camera shot in the playlist.  The problem is that when I pull up a new shot in layer 2 then the host host audio is now removed.  How can I keep the host audio active?



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  • You can keep the host audio on a Main Layer as a separate shot that stays live.

  • Right.  But this is right before my show starts, and I'd like the mics to be muted during the two minutes that we are live on YouTube but the countdown is running (show will start after that.). I could just be quiet, but it's nice to have the mics muted until the show actually starts.

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      Bobby Eberle Playlist only triggers the next shot on any layer when they complete. You'd need independent control of any sources you want to transition to during a playlist. You can always create multiple shots with set durations that can have audio off than on.

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    Within the playlist, right click on each shot you want your host audio on, chose change audio and select your host audio source, what it is will vary depending on how you bring the audio into the show. It should put a check and add a transparent layer within the shot. You have to do this for each camera, can be tedious, but also works with placeholders if you are setting up in advance. One thing to also keep in mind is this ADDS the audio to the shot, it does not swap it out with the original one. So if your cameras are also providing audio you need to deselect them from within the menu or else you will have double audio coming in.

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