Nvec streaming problem

Normally I was streaming on facebook and youtube simultaneously using nvec but today I could no longer transmit, it does not show an error, it only does not transmit.  When doing it without nvec it transmits without any problem.  Anyone know why this happens?


I can record using nvec without any problem. 

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  • Given NVENC is specific to NVIDIA GPU have you updated your graphics card driver?
    Could be something is stressing your GPU in this particular document?

  • CraigS Hi.  Yes, I have a 1060 gtx and I have been streaming for 3 months without problems.  I have tried using a new file and it still does not transmit.  By using the intel video card if it transmits well.

  • Carlos Try reseting Wirecast preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information and select Reset Preferences and restart Wirecast with a new document. 

    Since this just started happening and you haven't changed Wirecast there must be another variable involved.

    The current version of Wirecast is 13.1.3. Please make sure you are current.

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