Wirecast 15.0 Beta #2 (Jan 27, 2022) - RELEASED 4/14/22

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(See end of this post for links to the latest 14.x builds - in case you want to roll back)

Be sure to post your feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread

Disclaimer: Please be reminded, this is a BETA version. Please don't use this in critical broadcasts. 


Hello again!

Thank you all for your feedback so far on the 15.0 beta! Your input has been really helpful so far.  

As we continue to put the finishing touches on this, we wanted to get you a new Beta version, which has just a few more fixes/changes. We'd love for you to continue your testing and feedback with our newest version 15.0 Beta 2.

Notable fixes in this beta (i.e. since the last Beta) are:

  • WIRE-19875: Improved the placement of the forward/back buttons for interacting with a web page source 
  • WIRE-16862: added support for BGRX raster format 
  • Updated to NDI 5.1
  • WIRE-19999: Improved rendering when video delay is on 
  • WIRE-19997: Fixed a crash that could occur when a Rendezvous caller was added on Windows 
  • WIRE-19952: Updated NDI SDK to version 5.1 
  • WIRE-19916: Prevented Debug assertions from appearing when closing a document that had a preview pane hidden. 
  • WIRE-19915: Media file duration in Wirecast now matches the actual duration of the file. 
  • WIRE-19912: Fixed some laggy performance when scrubbing through a video in Preview 
  • WIRE-19891/WIRE-19670: Fixed several issues reported about dropped frames when recording to disk and interacting with the app in a "light" way 
  • WIRE-19890: Fixed an error that could occur when rapidly selecting/deselecting titles while source properties panel is open 
  • WIRE-19887: Certain stinger transitions files now again show the proper color on Windows 
  • WIRE-19884: Changing the canvas size is working again when using Direct3D 12 Rendering on Windows 
  • WIRE-19883: X and Y Rotation is working again when using Direct3D 12 Rendering on Windows 
  • WIRE-19878: Certain media files no longer display a black frame when looping 
  • WIRE-19866: Fixed an issue where changing one setting on Social Media titles would mess up other settings 
  • WIRE-19863: Updated the look of our Missing Media image 
  • WIRE-19858: Fixed an issue with discoloration of some Social Media Titles 
  • WIRE-19857: Width slider for Social Media Titles has a slower response time now to avoid a possible crash on Mac 
  • WIRE-19854: Fixed a stupid bug that could cause failure to send audio or video out if outputting via BlackMagic, NDI or AJA 
  • WIRE-19846: Fixed a few Titles whose logo selection fields didn’t work 
  • WIRE-19841: Changed the default selection to “Create support ticket” when sending support information via our in-app Support Assistant 
  • WIRE-19830: Added a workaround for a bug where Alpha channel did not work for ProRes 4444 files on M1 Pro chips  
  • WIRE-19827: Fixed an issue where removing sources could cause a lag in responsiveness with other sources of same type 
  • WIRE-19826: Fixed a crash using certain transitions in specific situations while rendering with Direct3D 12 
  • WIRE-19812/WIRE-19789/WIRE-19728: Added a new “broken media” image and a user notification if you try to import a file format that is not supported 
  • WIRE-19810: Fixed an issue in v15 that could cause weird UI states when using Image Carousel on Windows 
  • WIRE-19805: Fixed Stinger Transitions in version 15 on Direct3D 12 on Windows  
  • WIRE-19777: Fixed an indefinite hang when attempting to start an output to a disconnected thunderbolt device. (Um, don’t do that).  
  • WIRE-19741: Fixed NewBlue Titler Live not rendering when using the Titler Live integration, in v15 on Direct3D12 on Windows 
  • WIRE-19719: Fixed an issue where the first frame of a video would briefly display in Preview each time the source was selected  
  • WIRE-19674: Fixed an issue in 15 where shot icons would be blank when opening a Playlist or the Main Shot Display  
  • WIRE-19558: Updated the scrolling icons for playlist tabs 
  • WIRE-19556: Updated an issue in v15 where input state of Wirecast Gear audio sources was not recalled correctly  
  • WIRE-19543: Fixed an issue where the v15 Audio meters were bouncing continuously and erroneously when processing a 1kHz tone  
  • WIRE-19145: Fixed an annoying issue where audio sources wouldn’t show up as an option in Rendezvous until they were added to your Wirecast document 
  • WIRE-18719: We disabled the Disable Automatic Downsize option if there are downsized images in your document, to avoid a crash 
  • WIRE-14788: Fixed a crash when using video delay on screen capture 


As always, thank you!

You can see the full release notes here.

Please post any feedback with the headline "15 BETA 2" in the Beta Discussion Thread


Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 14.x installers:




Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds: https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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