Wirecast 15.2 Released February 8, 2023

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PDF Release Notes

Wirecast 15.2.0

Features and Improvements

• WIRE-21042: Provided button to the Multi-Track Audio Mapper in the Audio Mixer UI for easier access
• WIRE-20957: Improved performance of PNG files from Stock Media Library
• WIRE-20955: Lowered resources of idle media decoders to improve efficiency
• WIRE-20859 /14147: We no longer automatically end a Vimeo event when a live stream ends
• WIRE-20858: Updated Facebook API with the new Facebook Event path for Profiles
• WIRE-20787: Minor text update in a dialog box about Video Display Rate
• WIRE-20782 /20829: Stinger transitions can now have audio! Implemented audio playback (with volume control and mute options) in Stinger transitions if stinger movie contains audio
• WIRE-20777: We now detect if your camara is delivering wildly wrong timestamps and let you know
• WIRE-20729: Modal color panels now update continuously so you can see changes in real time
• WIRE-20701: Added ability to search Application Shortcut by their keystrokes
• WIRE-20700: Application Shortcut categories will now automatically expand to show
contents when searched
• WIRE-20663/20662: YouTube Channel Membership comments and SuperChats are now distinguished and sorted at the top of the Social Media Comment Moderation window for better visibility
• WIRE-20617: Added the ability to filter Social Comments by Destination
• WIRE-20575: Added even better visibility for whether shots are in Live or Preview, with thicker borders and colored title bar
• WIRE-18259: Added a StreamID parameter for SRT Output
• WIRE-18003: Support for borders around shots. Add a border/stroke around any video layer or source, change its width, color and even round corners or create a feathered edge.
• WIRE-16106: We now return you to the Welcome Screen when a document is incompatible with the current version of Wirecast instead of annoyingly closing out the application
• WIRE- 14831: We now leave the area under Clear Layer shots empty when the number of shots overflow to a second line, for easier visibility
• WIRE-14802: In Stinger Transition Manager, "i" now sets in-point of the selected stinger and "esc" will exit from the menu
• WIRE-14179: Support for output of multiple Audio tracks! Now you can output up to 4 audio sub mixes to separate audio devices.
• WIRE-14154: Added a refresh button for Facebook encoder output settings
• WIRE-13519 /19799/14506: Added Application Shortcuts to control clock/timer/stopwatch functions
• WIRE-13214: Added an option in Advanced Preferences to override the system language when opening Wirecast and choose which language to use.
• WIRE-11004: We now automatically select the next shot layer when a layer has been removed

WIRE-10450: Added a new "Snapshot" option which lets you take and save a PNG snapshot of your live window at any time.
• WIRE-10234: When adding an application shortcut, hitting TAB while in the Name field will now advance to the Record Shortcut field
• WIRE-10185 /14266: Improved overall keyboard navigation and focus on Windows
• WIRE-10176: We added a notification to add Wirecast to the trusted apps list to enable global hotkeys on macOS.
• WIRE-9659: Added ability to set Application Shortcut keys to change instant replay speed
• WIRE-8277: Added ability to define Application Shortcuts for more increments/decrements for Live Scoreboards

Tech updates:
• WIRE-20716: Updated our minimum version for Wirecast for macOS from 10.15 to 11
• WIRE-20655: Updated to NDI 5.5
• WIRE-18561: Updated Telestream Audio Capture driver to latest (2.0)

Bug Fixes:
• WIRE-21276: Fixed a crash when loading certain documents with wide characters in file paths
• WIRE-21268: Fixed issue where on M1 Macs, the Audio Mixer meters showed clipping when the global mute was on
• WIRE-21238: Fixed a crash when loading certain documents
• WIRE-21230: Fixed French translation being cut off in Clock Source Properties
• WIRE-21207: Fixed crash when Wirecast fails to allocate memory. Added logging to help understand why this happens.
• WIRE-21186: Fixed an issue where the Continuity Camera app showed wrong resolutions in the Video Format menu on macOS
• WIRE-21185: Fixed a crash on startup when a folder matches the journal file naming pattern
• WIRE-21184: Fixed a crash when selecting a Screen Capture monitor region of a
disconnected display
• WIRE-21181: Fixed a rare crash when closing the Rendezvous Dashboard
• WIRE-21180: Fixed memory leak with media files on macOS
• WIRE-21171: Fixed a rare crash when altering sources in Preview on macOS
• WIRE-21170: Fixed a rare crash when creating/updating Vimeo events
• WIRE-21161: Fixed a rendering problem in the Text Source with Unicode characters
• WIRE-21160: Fixed a rare crash at startup when ONVIF discovery is enabled
• WIRE-21158: Fixed a crash when connecting to certain invalid URLs with the Wirecast Go source
• WIRE-21157: Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt/deleted Template
• WIRE-21152: Fixed a rare crash when creating/opening a document on Windows
• WIRE-21149: Double clicking on any shot layer in Preview window leaves mouse tracking enabled
• WIRE-21144: Fixed a rare crash when ISO recording is active
• WIRE-21143: Fixed a rare crash when adding, removing, or selecting a destination in Output Settings

WIRE-21132: Added support for streaming to Microsoft's new Sharepoint live streaming destination
• WIRE-21129: Desktop Presenter sources no longer flip upside down when a chroma key is added
• WIRE-21119: Fixed issue where Audio meters would freeze after source is stopped
• WIRE-21103: Updated User Guide to note that the Multi-Track Input Mapper is a Pro feature
• WIRE-21098: Fixed memory corruption with the System Audio Capture source on macOS
• WIRE-21097: Fixed a crash when pressing certain key combinations on certain keyboard layouts
• WIRE-21096: Fixed an issue where the NDI discovery process would occasionally fail to start
• WIRE-21087: Fixed a rare crash at startup
• WIRE-21086/21039/21038/20873/20870/20855/20823/20822/20821/20771/
20645: Fixed a variety of rare crashes on both Mac & Windows
• WIRE-21085: Fixed a rare crash when closing a document
• WIRE-21082: Fixed an issue causing some USB capture devices that produce MJPEG to fail to work
• WIRE-21081: Fixed a crash that could occur when choosing specific configurations for USB HDMI capture dongle
• WIRE-21080: Looping a video file now plays much more smoothly
• WIRE-21070: Fixed an issue where using stinger transitions with Direct3D12 could lockup the device
• WIRE-21068: Fixed an issue where NDI sources could drop/duplicate frames in recording
• WIRE-21067: Fixed a crash when the Rendezvous client sends an invalid frame size (not sure how this happens)
• WIRE-21066: Fixed a rare crash when creating a document on Windows using the D3D12 rendering engine
• WIRE-21054: Fixed a rare crash at shutdown when sending the program out to a Rendezvous Session
• WIRE-21039: Fixed a rare hang/crash when capturing system audio on macOS
• WIRE-21021: Fixed crash that could occur when modifying image files on disk that are in the Wirecast document
• WIRE-21001: Fixed a hang when closing a document with a Desktop Presenter shot with sound enabled
• WIRE-20995 /18351/18955: Removed timecode logic from NDI source to improve sync and connectivity
• WIRE-20975: Fixed issue where Quicksync output could drift out of sync at regular intervals
• WIRE-20971: Fixed memory corruption in Text Source when using Unicode characters
• WIRE-20958: Fixed an issue where after upgrading macOS to version 13, you might not be able to launch Wirecast if auto-opening a saved document
• WIRE-20951: Fixed issue where Animated Titles could reanimate when using a transition other than cut or smooth
• WIRE-20935: Fixed an issue where scrubbing through certain media files caused the system memory to increase significantly

WIRE-20934: Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting many layers in a document
• WIRE-20931 /20883: Fixed issue where stream delay in RTMP output destination caused connection issues. The delay now should work with up to a 26 second delay
• WIRE-20919: Opening the Social->Twitter->Settings dialog window no longer causes Wirecast menus to gray out
• WIRE-20913: Fixed an issue where memory grew over time with NDI sources in a playlist
• WIRE-20910: Added variety of missing translations
• WIRE-20901: We now load Audio Plugins at startup instead of saving them in preferences, for improved discoverability
• WIRE-20886 / 20704: Fixed a crash that could occur on certain documents when editing sources on the preview canvas and layers
• WIRE-20885: Fixed a variety of hangs that can occur with the Desktop Presenter source
• WIRE-20877: Fixed an issue where our trial Audio Watermark only played on track one
• WIRE-20875: Fixed an issue where imported images were flickering/flashing in the canvas.
• WIRE-20872: Fixed crash that could occur when removing or upgrading a video card while the app is running. (BTW: don't do that.)
• WIRE-20868: Fixed a crash when adding a disabled WASAPI device in Wirecast
• WIRE-20862: Fixed an issue where colors in x264 H.264 encoding were appearing muted
• WIRE-20856: Fixed crash that could occur when using NDI and MS Teams
• WIRE-20851: Fixed an issue where Wirecast was not reconnecting to a Desktop Presenter shot in a saved document
• WIRE-20849: Fixed a display issue where Audio Shots in Shot Layers appeared grayed out
• WIRE-20833: Fixed a crash that could possibly occur at startup
• WIRE-20828: Fixed a rare crash on shutdown
• WIRE-20827: Fixed rare crash that could occur while reconnecting a Wirecast Go source in Rendezvous
• WIRE-20815: Fixed a minor display issue where image shots retained duration information even after deleting them from a playlist
• WIRE-20812: Selecting an unreachable network folder on Windows as a save path in the Preferences no longer crashes Wirecast
• WIRE-20795: Final Mix/Output Mute icons now display correctly when interacting with the Audio Mixer on Mac
• WIRE-20770: Activating an expired subscription license throws an alert that now leads you to the proper webstore
• WIRE-20769: Replay Shots are now correctly removed when set to “Hold When Finished”
• WIRE-20768: Expired subscription licenses will now see the proper renew button
• WIRE-20738: Fixed an issue on macOS where playback of Stock Media Library audio files would continuously restart when previewing
• WIRE-20733: Fixed the application shortcut for Enabling/Disabling Secondary Display Output
• WIRE-20721: Streaming indicator now doesn't continue to blink green after a successful reconnection
• WIRE-20715: Updated all links to KnowledgeBase articles

WIRE-20713: Updated our audio plugin search to show .vst3 plugins that are also in packages.
• WIRE-20708: Fixed an issue where capturing System Audio on maximized window would result in indefinite hang
• WIRE-20688: Improved position and size of Welcome Window
• WIRE-20685: Stinger transition now correctly works for the final shot of a playlist set to "current preview" option when finished
• WIRE-20683: Improved performance by enabling Wirecast to seek the nearest i-frame when scrubbing through media files.
• WIRE-20647: Fixed a crash that could occur during a stinger transition
• WIRE-20628: Wirecast now shows installed Japanese fonts
• WIRE-20619: Purchasing a license from the Landing Page now will lead to opening the Welcome Window
• WIRE-20613: Fixed a crash that could occur when replacing a layer with an image
• WIRE-20606: Fixed a crash on macOS when sending fragmented mp4 video live
• WIRE-20597: Fixed an issue where Wirecast would stop streaming when it aborted recording due to hard drive space
• WIRE-20572: On macOS, pressing Command + Delete no longer deletes a shot when an input box is selected
• WIRE-20567: Media duration on shot icon now displays correctly prior to shot being sent live
• WIRE-20536 /20857/17880/20525/20522/20517/20467/20412/20409/20479/ 20538/16664 Enabled hardware drift detector and fixed a variety of sync and audio issues
• WIRE-20528: If you type in an invalid parameter into the x264 Command Line it will now be ignored rather than hanging the app indefinitely.
• WIRE-20510: Fixed an issue where incorrect frames would display while scrubbing through media files
• WIRE-20506: You can now use the Enter/Return key for a new line in Override CSS input box in a Web Page source
• WIRE-20501 /20307: Fixed a crash that could occur on M1
• WIRE-20499 /20213/20957: Improved performance of PNG and MP4 file playback
• WIRE-20437: Upgrading a Wirecast document with animated titles now works
• WIRE-20413: Fixed crash when closing document during connection timeout
• WIRE-20384: Updated User Guide to remove Linkedin Draft mode which LinkedIn removed as a feature
• WIRE-20374: Fixed issue with uplifting older documents in newer versions of Wirecast
• WIRE-20347: Fixed corrupt duration displayed for Playlist when in Live on document load
• WIRE-20338: Improved behavior of the shot layer resize jog wheel
• WIRE-20328: Fixed some untranslated text appearing in notifications window
• WIRE-20313: On macOS title text changes now get recognized after each keystroke
• WIRE-20273: Shot layers now update correctly in the live window when you use the mouse to re-order the shots
• WIRE-20180: Fixed an issue where transparency would drop out during vacuum transition

WIRE-20104: Fixed a possible crash on Windows using Direct3D12 when sending to Live while using integrated graphics
• WIRE-19811: Fixed a display issue on M1 where Rendezvous Dashboard buttons displayed incorrectly after maximizing window with the chat open
• WIRE-19586: Fixed a scaling issue that would cause undo actions to recognize each increment as an action
• WIRE-19568: Fixed an indefinite hang when deleting a Playlist Shot as it goes Live
• WIRE-19546 /20709: Replay shots now respect the default settings for "When Finished" and
other playback settings in Source Properties
• WIRE-19132: Fixed issue where RTMP stream fails when large stream delay is chosen
• WIRE-19009: Fixed the authentication window when using "Log in with Google" via Vimeo
• WIRE-18973 /18883: Fixed some issues related to images resizing when updating a Wirecast document
• WIRE-18898: Fixed a hang when opening a recovered document
• WIRE-18862: Fixed an issue where Preview audio would inadvertently play when video loops in Live
• WIRE-18830: Fixed an issue where exiting a document could prompt user to stop output even when output is not running
• WIRE-18763: Localized SRT notification strings
• WIRE-18713: Fixed an issue where some Shot Icons would flash
• WIRE-18675: Fixed a crash when ISO recording from Io4K source
• WIRE-18671: Intermittent issues streaming to Vimeo have been fixed
• WIRE-18662: Fixed an issue where dropped frames would occur when re-sizing the Wirecast window
• WIRE-18462: A YouTube Event will no longer be created when you close the event creation window before finishing
• WIRE-18202: We no longer show user log messages that occurred before the document was opened
• WIRE-18029: Fixed a bug where applying default in Chroma Key Properties also changed the selected keyer
• WIRE-17773: You can now properly set independent defaults for Chroma, Luma, and Color Key
• WIRE-17762: Fixed a bug where audio meters would not display levels if no audio channels were selected in track 1
• WIRE-17698: Rendezvous users are no longer prompted to Stop Output after disconnecting
from session when changing canvas rate
• WIRE-17697: Fixed how the Vacuum transition works on Windows
• WIRE-17424: Added distinctive icons for playlist shots that represent current action associated
with playlist
• WIRE-17175: Fixed an error and performance spike when encoding Windows Media at 4K
• WIRE-17122: We now default to port 443 (instead of 1935) for RTMPS streams in the case where it lacks a port number

WIRE-16834: Fixed a bug where Chroma Key couldn't be used after idling
• WIRE-16613: Restored keyboard navigation in themed dialogs on macOS
• WIRE-16407: Purchase Status bar now correctly indicates demo mode when starting demo
• WIRE-16365: Facebook's two factor authentication log in now works with Wirecast
• WIRE-16254: On Windows, we fixed words being cutoff in Source Properties, custom properties, advanced settings tab under the "Anti-flicker and Image Orientation"
• WIRE-15245: Fixed an issue on macOS where saving a document with a Logitech C920 at certain resolutions could cause the camera to be unusable on subsequent launches of Wirecast
• WIRE-14282: Enter key now submits or hits OK as expected throughout application
• WIRE-13886: Fixed some audio issues in Rendezvous related to sample rates greater than 96000 HZ
• WIRE-13621: Fixed a hang that could occur when authenticating with Twitch without an internet connection
• WIRE-12103: Ads displaying in Twitch channels no longer cause "Web Display" audio to drop out
• WIRE-11087: Fixed weird behavior that could occur when clicking chroma key "Defaults" multiple times
• WIRE-8260: Added icons to Playlists Shots to make them more obvious in UI
• WIRE-8071: Output names in the leftmost column of Output Settings are now updated in real time
• WIRE-8024: Fixed an issue where some documents were unable to use replay
• WIRE-8022: Fixed an issue where transitions didn't work correctly for replay clips in playlists
• WIRE-7582: "Smooth" transition is now very smooth in a recording when moving text boxes or chroma key objects in the shot editor

• WIRE-21191: On macOS, the default keyboard shortcut set does not allow the user to increment the home team’s score with the Scoreboard widget. Users can workaround this by duplicating the default keyboard set and setting the shortcut to “=”.
• WIRE-20891: Applying a Matte to an Image Carousel will break all rendering with the D3D12 rendering engine. Users can workaround this by setting the Render Engine to D3D11 in the Preferences->Advanced tab.
• We added an automatic mode for Windows Render Engine Selection in Preferences, which, if you’re using an AMD GPU we will automatically switch you to Direct3D11.
• WIRE-20182: Any version of the Support Assistant lower than Wirecast 15.0 will lose the ability to email crash reports. This will break when TLSv1.2 is enabled on the server side.
• WIRE-15439: If the user defines two conflicting OMP environment variables a command prompt can appear when starting Wirecast.

WIRE-20456: AVerMedia Live Gamer HD colors become distorted when Source ISO recordings start. We’ve been unable to reproduce this with other AVerMedia capture devices.
• WIRE-20455: AVerMedia Source ISO recordings fail to write any data to disk when audio is enabled.

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