Creating a Shortcut to Hide a Shot

If this is already available please let me know, but I would like to be able to assign a shortcut to hide a shot.  My use case would be this:

I am using Titler Live Broadcast for graphics with a stream deck.  I have one channel for my main graphics and a second channel solely for my score bug.  I delay that channel in Wirecast to match my delayed camera feed by six seconds.

If I ever have a graphic on channel 1 that overlaps with the score bug I have to wait for 6 seconds to turn it off.  Which as you would imagine isn't great for live sports.  The quickest way is to hide channel 2 but it takes a little time to navigate to it.

If there was a shortcut key I could program on the stream deck to hide channel 2 that would be more efficient.

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  • May not be exactly what you are looking for but there are shortcut key combinations for hiding each of the five layers in the Wirecast document window: "Switch->Layer Visibility"

  • My issue is both channels are on the same shot on the same layer. So if I hide the layer it hides both channels. 

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