crippling playback frame rate with multiple recordings

MacBook Pro 2017, 8gb ram, 3.1 ghz dual core i5 / BigSur 11.5.1 / Screenflow 9.0.7.

I'm putting a video together that includes 2 video files.  One was recorded on a Lumix camera and came out as a .mov.  The other is an iPad screen recording that came out as an .MP4. 

While editing - the playback is severely disrupted unless I completely hide (opacity = 0) one of the videos.  

I exported a draft video last night.  it prepares an export with no problem (although it took quite longer than usual). 

Ideally, I would be able to leave the .mov file visible as a background for the duration, and occasionally minimize the screen recording. But If I leave them both visible, video sync/playback just kinda bugs out. audio is uninterrupted. 

I tried pushing the frame rate down to 24 from 30, but that did nothing.

I already have thumbnails turned off. it's very tedious to constantly have to stop and unhide the background video to make sure the timing of my show/hides makes sense.  

Any ideas why this is happening?  Suggestions for how to improve my situation (that don't involve a new computer)?

I have made videos previously in which I had a collection of video recordings on the same timeline and haven't experienced this kind of performance issue with only 2 videos.  


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  • It's possible the codecs for the video files are stressing the computer more than a 5 year old i5 can handle. MOV and MP4 are containers, not codecs and some of the codecs they contain can be very difficult to playback. You can test with the trial of ScreenFlow 10.0.5 but given the potential codecs that might still be an issue. That is why ScreenFlow 10.0.5 can generate proxies. Also, 11.5.1 is an older version of macOS. The current is 11.6.6 and that may have some influence. A 5-year-old dual-core i5 may just not have the system resources to handle more difficult codec though.

  • Thanks for the insights.

    is it possible to convert the codecs?

    what would happen if I take the separate feeds and individually export them as their own movies from screenflow, then put them back into a new project and manipulate them from that point. Would I then be using codecs that would cause less stress on the system?

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      • CraigS
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      Rob Shankin 
      In Timeline, right click on the clip and Proxy then create

      or same in Media Library

  • Rob Shankin said:
    is it possible to convert the codecs?

    In ScreenFlow 9

    Otherwise you can transcode them in Finder

  • Well this might just be a game changer…

    I understand my laptop is getting old and is weak by today’ standard, but I hope to get a little more lid out of it.

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