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Hi all,

I'm struggling to find an option to have the Live Program audio output over Dante. There's an option to use the software sound card I have installed as the audio playback device but that only outputs the monitor audio. Is there no way to get the program audio going out by itself?


Using 14.1.2



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  • Are you trying to send Wirecast program audio into Dante?
    Wirecast Pro NDI out carries program audio.
    Wirecast Virtual Microphone out also carries program audio.
    Wirecast Pro Video Out through Blackmagic or AJA compatible devices carries program audio out which can be hired wired (and send to a Dante hardware interface which some Dante Virtual Sound Card users have).

  • Thanks for the response Craig!

    Yes I was hoping there was just a direct feed into Dante, perhaps a future feature request if the Devs can hear about it?

    We've got Wirecast running in an auditorium and it would be a very nice link to get it into our main mixer. I'm already using NDI out and I've got a Decklink card for another output, I was just hoping to avoid hardware for this additional output of program audio.

  • Oliver Nicholson said:
    Yes I was hoping there was just a direct feed into Dante,

    I'm not sure we'd do something Dante-specific. 
    There'd have to be general output mechanisms already.
    We're looking at adding output buses but the user should have the flexibility to assign an output bus to an available output whether virtual mic, NDI Out, a second sound card, or hardware card program out. You'd have to consider another output that is assignable. 

  • Take a look at Dante Via.

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