Observations of First Starting SF10

Most recent Intel MacBook Pro 16, running Big Sur 11.4.


Lots of nice stuff in the new release, but the conversion from the latest 9.x version was a bit rough.

  • my Recents list was empty... is there no way this could have been carried across?  Perhaps it's a system thing that you could not save?
  • some of my options were not carried across, e.g. preference for small track heights and no thumbnails
  • where did the tool icons at the left end of the playback controls bar go?
  • first attempt to open existing recording failed

About the last item: I selected the last recording that I was working on, and all I got was a busy spinner.  I clicked out of Screenflow to see if I had a backup running, and when I checked back I could not find Screenflow.  The icon was in the bar at the bottom of the screen, with a black dot under it, but I could in no way get the Screenflow app title bar to appear.  I forced closed Screenflow then restarted, at which I used the Recents to choose the same recording, which now opened.

Ok, so far, so good, although a bit wonky.  But the thing that really bugs me is that when I added a new text element, therefore track, to a nested set of tracks, I was presented with the new track... but where were the others?  I had to scroll down past a bajillion empty tracks that had been added along with the new text track before I could find the original 16 tracks.  I now have to remove these new, empty tracks one at. time by dragging and dropping.  I got this bug acknowledged eons ago, and it's still here in v10?  It had for some reason died down over time, but now it's back in full force.  Very disappointing.


But I still like Screenflow!

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  • Hi John:  Thank you for the feedback, all the team really appreciate you taking the time to provide it.

    We definitely dropped the ball on moving settings between SF9 -> SF10, and we're going to be improving this in the future.

    With regard to the nested track / title issue you mentioned - did you get a reference for the case so I can check into it.

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