shot layer properties resetting automatically

I'm working remotely today so I can't give all the system details but for a stream yesterday on our PC windows 10 system our operator had a problem with captured video sources that were scaled and positioned to fit inside an overlay graphic. The shot would be set up with 4 layers - video capture 1, video capture 2, audio capture, and overlay graphic.  The video capture layers are scaled and repositioned to fit within the overlay. This is something we've been doing for months without issue. Suddenly yesterday as soon as we moved to another shot, the position of a video layer in the previously selected shot would snap back to it's original setting. This happened consistently over and over again. Tried the usual fixes like creating a new document with no luck.

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  • Please do provide the details when you can. Confirm Wirecast 14.1.1. We must have those. Also, a screen recording showing the issue would be good. Since it worked previously we'd need to know what changed. A Wirecast update from a specific previous version?

  • It looks like this was just operator error. I have not been able to reproduce this issue. Thanks.

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