Stream low quality on YouTube

I am having issues streaming in high quality to YouTube with the Wirecast beta of the latest software. I am streaming over hardwire. My mixer and Wirecast are previewing a high quality file but the finished product on YouTube (see below) is low in quality. I have it set to the default YouTube stream of 780p at 60fps.


Mixer - VR4-HD via USB

IP Cameras - PTZ OPTICS - .25 buffer

Scorebug - HTML feed

Computer - Windows 10, i7 Core

Wirecast Version 14.1 Beta


Link to test video: https://youtu.be/WIeQs5AM2ng?t=1463

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  • So this is different results than you were getting in 14.0.4?

    Mike Raftery said:
    have it set to the default YouTube stream of 780p at 60fps.

     There may be at least four 720p60 settings for YouTube.

    Mike Raftery said:
    Link to test video: https://youtu.be/WIeQs5AM2ng?t=1463

     The quality looks good here. Please explain.
    It looks like it may only be 720p30 but there's not much motion so I'm not seeing an impact.

    Perhaps you're not set to the right frame rate.
    Also you don't mention CPU% which can be a factor. Please include that.

  • Not seeing any obvious issues other than 720p30. 
    The image looks sharp.
    You'd need to be more specific than "low quality." Describe in a way someone can identify the issue.

  • Yes, this is different than results in 14.0.4. When you see the person walk by it is very choppy. The CPU is only at 12%.  We are streaming in 720p30. The output from the video mixer is 1080p.

    • CraigS I'm not sure how to adjust the frame rate... I have similar issues with video bitrate on my RTMP feed to Twitter but that's another story

  • Mike Raftery said:
    I'm not sure how to adjust the frame rate



    You may need to confirm the mixer is actually sending the frame rate you select though or you would skipped or doubled frames if there's a mismatch.

    I'd also test by doing a local recording only using a MOV preset (select a 30fps settings) since that would eliminate any potential internet related issues. Also the MOV presets are I-Frame codecs so that eliminates any potential GOP structure issues (decoding issues can also look like skipped frames).

    • CraigS Thank you! One last question on this... how can I delete the beta and move to the most recent stable release of Wirecast Pro without having trouble with my license? I'm just going to wait it out until the 14.1 stable release happens

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      • CraigS
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      Mike Raftery Deleting the beta shouldn't have any effect on the license as that file is stored separately. To be safe you can deactivate before you delete and then activate 14.0.4. The release version of 14.1 is fairly close (and it has fixes the beta doesn't have).

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