Wirecast stream audio delay

Hi, i think i found a problem about stream

when we use wirecast to send RTMP stream for youtube, if we use GIF file , the stream audio and video will be not sync , audio will be  delayed by about 2 minutes . 

during that time when i check YTL stream page, it said : 

not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming. 

i think it is a bug or something else .

so i delete GIF and use video file it back to normal .

i testd YTL stream, facebook stream,  it all will be audio delayed about minutes .

i hope anyone can take a look at that problem and fix it in the future .

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  • Please explain how you are using the GIF, the shot configuration, and sources for both audio and video. Include the version of Wirecast and the OS and whether using the YouTube API or Generic RTMP. Please describe in a way our engineers and exactly match and verify the issue. What color is the Wirecast streaming indicator when you see the YouTube warning message?

    Batulzii Souma said:
    audio will be  delayed by about 2 minutes . 

     Is this immediately offset or drifting? Again please include a complete description so an engineer can verify the issue. Please clarify your workflow. Thanks for doing that.

    • CraigS 

      Hi thanks for reply.

      I use gif file , it is 3.6MB moving pic. 
      just one file for full screen use media input.

      wirecast version is 14.01

      it is generic RTMP, when YTL alarm show up , wirecast stream lamp still green. 
      I hope this will be answered your questions 

      My best

  • Batulzii Souma said:
    wirecast version is 14.01

     The current version is 14.0.4. Updates include fixes. Always stay current. Please download the current version and start in a new blank document as previously created documents may carry over issues. 

    • Hi Carigs

      thank for advice. I updated to the 14.0.4 for current version and tried again. It is still same alarm popping up and delay is happening. I think it is not version problem. 

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      • CraigS
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      Batulzii Souma That YouTube warning may have nothing to do with the delay. YouTube doesn't like highly variable bit rates. If Wirecast streaming indicator is green and you can still see the YouTube stream on a destination browser, there's likely no issue there. 

      If you're using Generic RTMP you may want to look at your encoder settings. You could try setting it to Strict CBR for example.

      The GIF file itself could be the problem  I'd recommend transcoding it to another codec.

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