Screenflow recording everything in mono

Hello! I have been using screen flow since version 7 and I've never had a problem with recording computer audio + voice over. 

I always used (...) button on the right side of [Record] button to configure my own set up. for example, my audio interface has 32 ins. screen flow often captures multiple inputs of that so I always unchecked the boxes I don't need, only check the boxes I need and panned them to my needs and job was done. 

Starting very recently (about few weeks) I can no longer click that (...) box because screen flow would just crash. I tried version 7,8,9, that I had and they all crash oddly. I was using screen flow 10.0.3 and I just updated to 10.0.6 to test and its the same issue. 

I just blew away hours of recording because of this ... and when I was editing, I tried to disable all the audio channels in the audio menu -> audio mix -> configure visible channels and muted (unchecked and turned down the volume of all channels) but I still hear audio in mono! 

any thoughts on what I should do fix this or re-set the cache..?

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    • CraigS
    • 5 mths ago
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    ScreenFlow records what it "hears" so we need more details about the complete audio chain. Otherwise the short answer is set sources to stereo, check ScreenFlow Configure Recording (meters and input ...), Audio MIDI Setup, Timeline settings, etc.

    Alan JS Han Studio said:
    I still hear audio in mono! 

     Sounds like a monitoring issue. Stereo signals can often be spotted when seeing the metering even if the monitoring is in mono. 

  • Hello, thanks for you reply.

    I found a solution, actually almost impossible for anyone to troubleshoot unless you are experiencing the problem yourself. I will write few steps on how I resolved it so maybe in the future others can benefit.

    You said check screen flow confiture recording menu, but the main issue was that I was not able to get into that menu because screen flow would just crash. I could never figure out why it would crash because it worked fine until few weeks ago.

    so in the menu, instead of using my main audio interface (UAD Apollo), I changed the audio source to something else and tried clicking the configure recording menu and hack ya, I could open the menu. so why was screen flow only crash if I open audio menu using UAD Apollo? it was because UAD Apollo kind of has it's own very complicated audio path set up. Somehow that default setting was messed up so I had to set it to default. and then I was finally able to click on the configure audio menu and only check the boxes I needed.

    still mystery on why screen flow would record everything in mono, and in the editing process why even after I basically deleted every single channel I see in the menu and still heard audio in mono. 

    but at least.. its all good now.

      • CraigSModerator
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      • CraigS
      • 5 mths ago
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      Alan JS Han Studio If ScreenFlow is recording in mono there's still a problem. 
      Perhaps the Apollo has a driver or a setting that's an issue. It's also not clear what "everything" is because if only the Apollo is in mono that's not "everything."

      I suggest you open a stereo video in YouTube or Quicktime and try recording that.

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