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Hi, I just started using Screenflow to help me produce short "how to" videos. I am an experienced FCP editor, having made several documentaries, but I have already found that using Screenflow is better for 1 minute explanatory videos with screen recording.

But one thing is driving me crazy. Where is the trim edit command? I've tried every key modifier under the sun and searched the forum. 

By trim edit I mean when you slide the content left or right within a clip without moving the start or end points on the timeline. I use this all the time in FCP, and I know it has to be in SF somewhere, but where? I'd be grateful for your help.

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  • Trim Front to Scrubber. Trim End to Scrubber.

    If you mean Trim tool in FCP (Slip/Slide) ScreenFlow doesn't have the same function.

    There's a feature request FLOW-3930 under investigation for that.


  • CraigS said:
    f you mean Trim tool in FCP (Slip/Slide) ScreenFlow doesn't have the same function.

     Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks for letting me know Screenflow doesn't have that. A simple work around I suppose is the Trim to Scrubber command you mention. Move the scrubber to where you want the clip to begin, Trim Front to Scrubber, move the whole clip to the left to close the gap, then drag out right to close the gap on the right and keep the clip the same length, then use the scrubber to check what the end of the clip looks like.

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      John French I certainly think a true slip/slide function would be a good idea as the above workaround admittedly adds steps to a workflow one might need to do often. 

  • Thanks Craig, I totally agree that a proper slip/slide is best. In FCP when you switch to that editing mode, two screens appear so you can see the in point and out point at the same time, I imagine that would be tricky to do in SF. Perhaps it is not fair to compare the two apps too closely anyway. I am very happy with what SF does, but I would not try to edit a documentary on it.

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