Can we have some more details on how this file can edited and set up safely?  Can we have more than 1 set of logins when using the "BuiltIn" authentication option.  When will there be a GUI option for configuring settings?   Can we have more than one aliases.  Also everytime the files is edited, you have to clear the browser history in order for the licence to be valid. 

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  • Hi Mark,

    In the released v1 version of GLIM (build .358) we currently support one user by way of our BuiltIn authentication type.  Multiple users will be supported in an upcoming release.

    You can support multiple users by enabling Windows authentication.  This would then allow you to use AD or any of the local users present on the GLIM engine (backend server). 

    You should not have to clear the browser cache for the the appsettings.json changes to take...It is very much recommended that you should restart the service or the glimpseservice.exe (if running in console mode) after making changes to the config file.  Once GLIM is back online you would then just refresh your browser and the changes will have taken.

    In the front end UI, the top right menu has a 'Guide' link that will provide you with details as to the majority of the editable configurations within the appsettings.json.

    If you need additional help/guidance, or sample config files please let us know.


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  • What about multiple aliases?  

    I would think conditional access to aliases would be useful for different logins.. 

  • You can certainly have multiple aliases on a single GLIM engine no problem.  This is documented in the aforementioned guide and the sample shows two aliases, you can simply add more no problem.  The aliases are currently not tied to users in the released version but we do have a feature request to support this in a later release.

    Can you send me a DM please with your direct contact info so I can add your name to this list for priority weighting?


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